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Lucha Underground results: Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma

The opening highlight video showcases Vampiro's mentorship for Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo's issues with Dario Cueto giving everyone but him title shots. A Dario's Dial of Doom recap leads to Mil Muertes' interference and hype for tonight's Puma vs. Muertes main event.

Vampiro meets with Puma, who tells him he doesn't want anything to do with him. He doesn't want his help. Vampiro tells him that Muertes will die by Puma's hands, and Puma growls.

Slapbak is the house band tonight and Matt Striker hypes up the main event. Matanza is mid-ring, which means it's time for Dario's Dial of Doom. Killshot gets the nod tonight and Dario tells him to be ready for war. It's a bit odd for this fighting champion deal to be given to a lead heel who kills and eats people, but it kind of works.

Lucha Underground Champion Matanza defeated Killshot

Killshot has a bandage on his lower back, so either he had a kidney stolen or he got sliced up a bit in his last match. Matanza lands a series of short-arm lariats and crossfaces him on the mat. A fallaway suplex by Matanza sends him across the ring. Killshot dives into a series of backbreakers from Matanza, but Killshot spins his wrist to escape before eating a headbutt. A rewind German suplex hits and sends Killshot to the floor. 

Matanza rushes into the corner and eats a boot and then an enzuigiri. Matanza goes up for a super tombstone, but he gets kicked down and hit with a DDT. Killshot goes for a dive, but eats a Cesaro-esque flying uppercut. A Wrath of the Gods powerslam hits and gives Matanza the win. Killshot gets a standing ovation before AR Fox comes in with dog tags and Killshot is amazed. Killshot hugs him, but eats a jumping kick and a nasty fisherman buster. Fox throws his dog tags on Killshot while Striker talks in somber tones.

The White Rabbits will be here soon. Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago come down for a trios title match against a mystery team. Dario says that in four weeks, we will get the return of Aztec Warfare! This gets an instant chant, and Dario says that no one has come close to Matanza. He doesn't think anyone on the roster can beat him.

Matanza will now defend the title in Aztec Warfare. He will be entered in at number one while Fenix will be number 20 -- but with a catch. There will be a three-way trios match with Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago against each other and the winner gets the chance to be number 20 while the losers are out of Aztec Warfare.

Drago defeated Fenix and Aerostar in a triple threat match and will enter at #20 in Aztec Warfare

Fenix stands on the apron while Aerostar and Drago shake hands mid-ring. Drago and Aerostar fly around a bit with arm drags. Fenix comes in, but eats a flying palm strike. Aerostar flips off the rope to avoid a double arm drag over the top and lands an arm drag to Drago. Fenix superkicks the neck and then eats a crossbody off the top by Drago. Fenix gets his nose smashed during that and eats a flip dive from Aerostar.  

Fenix hits a Bullhammer and then a German suplex gets two. Fenix catches Aerostar off a dive, but eats a DDT for two. Drago hits a flying arm drag to Aerostar off the top before eating a mushroom stomp off the top by Fenix.

Everyone chops each other before Fenix eats a double chop. Fenix has Drago in a partial Muta lock before Aerostar locks on a deja vu octopus stretch. Fenix escapes and hits a flying boot in the corner, but gets tossed into another one by Drago. A rewind rana hits Fenix! Drago hits the Blockbuster Destroyer and wins it.

Puma vs. Muertes is hyped up next.

In the bathroom, Kobra Moon slithers in to meet Drago and tells him to take the title back to their tribe. Some dude walks in eating a burrito and says he thought it was a men's room. Mundo comes into Dario's office, and he is just exhausted by this annoying man bothering him every show.

Mundo says that he is desperate now -- so he gives him his $100,000 back -- well, $94,000 after he had to pay someone off. Dario takes his money and gives him a shot against Sexy Star and the Gift of the Gods title.

Prince Puma defeated Mil Muertes

Puma slugs away and goes for a backflip headscissors, but gets kneed in the gut. Muertes goes for a suicide spear, but Puma avoids it and dives to the floor. A dive follows up perfectly. Muertes goes to toss him into the barricade, Puma runs up it and then runs back, but he eats a spear.

Muertes hits him with a chair in the gut and then the back. They fight in the crowd before Muertes just clubs him down on the bleachers. Muertes goes back down, but eats a crossbody off the bleachers by Puma.

Puma goes for the 630, but eats a snap powerslam for two. Puma goes for a tornado kick, but Muertes just punches the daylights out of him. A chokeslam gets two for Muertes. He goes for a flatliner, but Puma elbows him, superkicks him, and goes for a tornado kick, but he gets hoisted up and tossed into the corner before a chain of lariats. Puma sends him down and hits the 630 to win! 

Backstage, Rey Mysterio Jr. tells Chavo Guerrero Sr. that he loves his son, but what should he do about him? Chavo tells him that the Guerrero dynasty won't end with his son and he asks Mysterio if it's the only way. Mysterio tells him that it's one or the other -- one of them must leave the Temple.

Season three has been rocky so far, but that was easily the best episode of the season. 

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