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Lucha Underground results: Mil Muertes vs. Prince Puma in Grave Consequences

Two years ago, Mil Muertes sent Konnan to his doom in this kind of match and now, he aims to end Prince Puma's reign. Famous B also faces Mascarita Sagrada and a gigantic tag team match determines the last batch of entrants into Aztec Warfare.

A recap of the events leading to Grave Consequences starts us off. Catrina and her catsuit tell Mil to take the life from another victim in Grave Consequences - and if he fails, she won't bring him back. The believers all have weapons for the Famous B/Mascarita Sagrada match. 

Famous B vs. Mascarita Sagrada: Believers Backlash Match

Famous B throws a drink on him before he puts a football uniform on and headbutts him in the balls. Sagrada hits a flying elbow off a step ladder despite Brenda's protests. Brenda distracts him before B superkicks him. Famous B grabs a giant popcorn bag and gets drop toeholded on the floor, sending popcorn everywhere.

Sagrada is put into a trash can before he fights back, and then eats a kick anyway. Brenda hands Famous B the wizard wand and hat, which he throws out since he knows they'll do nothing.

Famous B grabs a toolbox and finds an atomizer full of Arrogance, leading to a "Rick The Model" chant. Sagrada grabs the atomizer and sprays him. Famous B is down in the corner, so Sagrada dons the wizard hat and magic wand, and turns whatever was in a gym bag into a bowling ball....which goes into to the testicular region of Famous B.

Dr. Wagner comes out in gym pants to shove the magic wand-using mini off the top rope. He wants to smash Sagrada with a painting, but it's of B, so he prevents that.

Son of Havoc makes a save and sends Wagner packing. He goes to escape, but Sagrada chokes him with his tie until Brenda uses Melissa's large pair of novelty scissors to make the save.

Brenda congratulates herself for accomplishing the Herculean task of using a pair of scissors. Sagrada flip dives onto B before hitting Brenda with a pie to the face leading to "Creampie for the beautiful Brenda!" by Striker. B gets a shoe, but takes it to the face and a flying DDT wins it.  They cut the giant 423-GET-FAME sign and decapitate the image of B.

Backstage, Killshot talks to Dante and they share a long, awkward hug. Drago trains with his nunchuks in the bathroom. Kobra Moon jumps him and they get into a wacky kung fu battle. They argue before Vinny Masarro comes in and farts.

Aztec Warfare qualifier: The Mack, Mariposa, Marty the Moth, Ivelisse, and Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot, Argenis, Dante Fox, Texano, and "They Call Him" Cage

Crane hits a pump kick to Fox in the corner, but he gets a second-rope springboard cutter. Killshot flies in and eats a knee from Crane. Crane and Ivie invite Killshot to a superkick party before he tosses her into Killshot with a rana. Cage hits a big lariat and lifts up Ivie, who escapes and tags in Marty. Texano hits a slick spinebuster to Marty.

Dante and Killshot briefly team up before arguing and then diving outside. Killshot tosses Ivie up and she lands awkwardly on a rana. Dante hits a wacky brainbuster to give Marty the win. Everyone on the team goes into Aztec Warfare.

Dario tells Matanza that he will he defend the title next week and says that their father trained him for this. We get another layer of the back story and Matanza says his first word. WAR! Mil Muertes comes down, but gets jumped by Prince Puma.

Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes - Grave Consequences

Muertes overcomes the sneak attack and hits a big right hand. Muertes tosses him into a sea of empty chairs and then into a red-lit room through a door. Puma carries the kick-ass casket around, but gets slugged and power bombed onto it. Mil grabs a table and sets that up in the corner. A chair to the back leads to Striker going with some bizarre teeth-gritting performance to get across the pain.

Puma hops up to avoid a spear in the corner, leading to Mil hitting a corner-set chair. However, he can't hop up and eats a spear through the corner table. 

Mil undoes the turnbuckle hook and smashes Puma's head with it. Mil takes the casket into the ring and puts it on the Aztec symbol before hitting a series of lariats in the corner. Puma hits a flying knee and then a series of kicks before tornado kicking him onto the casket. 450 ON THE CASKET!

Mil gets the lid shut on his head a few times before Puma grabs the chair. Vamp points out that Puma is no longer trying to win -- he's trying to hurt him, and sounds overjoyed. 

Mil hoists him up in a nasty-looking chokeslam onto the casket. Mil tosses him into it, but Puma holds on and won't let him shut the lid. Puma avoids the flatliner and kicks him! Puma goes for a suicide dive, but eats a right fist to the jaw in one of the best-timed spots of the year. Puma recovers, sends him onto a pair of tables and goes up top, but Mil meets him and they get into a top rope slugfest.

Puma brings kicks to a boxing match and wins that - but nearly falls. Mil takes advantage of this and chokeslams him off the top through the tables to the floor!

Mil brings out the casket that he used for Konnan back in season one and puts it in the ring, then on wheels. Puma eats a flatliner on the floor and carries him into the casket to win. Vampiro has a large smirk on his face while Mil comes in to the ring and pounds the Aztec symbol. The procession takes Puma to the afterlife.

This wasn't much of a show until the great main event.