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Lucha Underground results: Pentagon Dark vs. Brian Cage

The Takeaway --

Mil Muertes has been removed from the Gift of the Gods title match, and he can't be pleased. The Mack better watch out, as Muertes has a history of killing anyone that opposes him. Muertes clearly wants to challenge for the Lucha Underground Championship again, and The Mack just got in his way.

We also saw the feud between the Worldwide Underground and the Reptile Tribe continue, with some tension between Jack Evans and Ricky Mundo. It has been heavily implied that Ricky murdered Angelico. Meanwhile, Pentagon Dark has continued to defend his championship successfully, but Cage was not content with the loss and beat down Pentagon after the match. It looked like that feud is far from over.

The Recap --

The show opened with Paul London making his entrance.

Dezmond X defeated Paul London (w/ The White Rabbit Tribe) for a Gift of the Gods medallion

London started the match by having the White Rabbit Tribe distract Dezmond. Dezmond is learning quickly that the Temple is a place that doesn’t necessarily offer a fair fight. Dezmond had to constantly fight against interference from the White Rabbit Tribe, and managed to hit a hurricanrana on London to get the advantage.

X hit an enzuigiri in the corner and a back handspring Pele before missing a 450 splash. London hit double knees to the chest of Dezmond. Dezmond reversed a suplex attempt into a cradle for the pinfall.

Antonio Cueto entered and asked all the winners of the Gift of the Gods medallions to come out and place their medallions in the belt. Dragon Azteca Jr., King Cuerno, Ivelisse, Dezmond X, Son of Havoc, The Mack, and Mil Muertes all came out and placed their medallions into the Gift of the Gods Championship.

Cueto wanted to have a little fun, and announced that only six people will compete for the championship. He announced all seven people will wrestle in an over-the-top rope battle royal, with the winner choosing who does not compete.

The Mack won a battle royal (the winner decides who doesn’t compete for the Gift of the Gods Championship)

Mil Muertes ran wild early on, eliminating Cuerno, Ivelisse, and Dezmond X. Muertes tried to powerbomb Dragon Azteca Jr. over the top rope, but as he did so, Havoc and The Mack sent Muertes flying outside of the ring. The Mack and Son of Havoc were left in the ring. They are two-thirds of the Trios Champions, so Son of Havoc decided that he would dive over the top rope onto everyone, eliminating himself.

The Mack then cut a promo saying he’d like to say that he isn’t scared of anyone, but Mil Muertes scares the crap out of him. The Mack then chose Muertes, so Muertes will not be competing in the match. Muertes did not take kindly to this. Catrina left ringside angry, and Muertes proceeded to attack everyone on the outside.

Vibora (w/ Kobra Moon) defeated Johnny Mundo (w/ Taya Valkyrie)

Mundo tried to use his speed to overcome the bigger man, but Vibora hit a big forearm and sent Mundo to his knees. Taya grabbed Vibora’s feet, and Kobra Moon grabbed Mundo’s. Taya and Moon both got in the ring and fought each other.

Mundo hit a sequence of kicks, ending with a standing Shooting Star Press. Vibora caught Mundo and hit a fallaway slam. Vibora hit a big boot and a killer knee right to Mundo's face. Vibora hit a Burning Hammer, but Mundo kicked out. This was followed up with a chokeslam attempt, but Mundo slid out and hit a reverse hurricanrana and another hurricanrana. Mundo climbed onto the top rope, but Vibora recovered.

Mundo, with nowhere left to go, dove onto Kobra Moon instead. Vibora chased Mundo around the ring, and PJ Black nailed Vibora with a chair. Mundo hit the End of he World back in the ring, but Vibora kicked out.

Johnny Mundo decided to superkick the referee. Black and Taya held Vibora as they put a chair on his head, looking to injure him.

Drago and Daga saved him, sending the Worldwide Underground to the back. Vibora blocked a chair shot and hit a superkick and a chokeslam, but Mundo kicked out. Ricky Mundo pulled Johnny out of the ring, but Vibora hit a triangle moonsault to the outside. Back in the ring, Mundo hit a series of superkicks, but Vibora managed to grab him as he went for a springboard, and hit a chokeslam. He then pinned Mundo. This was a very good match.

Both groups ran down to the ring, and the Reptile Tribe and Worldwide Underground had a huge brawl.

Ricky Mundo was backstage with his doll and Jack Evans. Ricky confronted Evans about not being there to help the rest of the group. Evans said he doesn’t mess with Reptiles. Ricky’s doll suggested that he do to Evans what he did to Angelico. It’s heavily implied that Ricky killed Angelico.

Lucha Underground Champion Pentagon Dark defeated Brian Cage to retain his title

Cage went right after Pentagon, using his superior strength to toss Pentagon around ringside. Cage slammed him on the floor. Pentagon ended up hitting a few chops and choking Cage with a camera wire. Cage slammed Pentagon on the apron, then threw him into a row of chairs. Pentagon was sent flying into the barricade at ringside, and Cage tied Pentagon’s mask to the guardrail.

Cage borrowed Matt Striker’s chair, but he didn’t get to use it. Pentagon used the chair and hit a slingblade on the outside before hitting a double stomp from the top rope. Cage kicked out. Pentagon hit a leg kick and went for the package piledriver, but Cage hit a flying knee and a pumphandle slam. Cage hit a bucklebomb and a deadlift suplex from the apron into the ring.

Pentagon hit a lung blower and a codebreaker. He played to the crowd, but Cage grabbed him and hit an electric chair drop. pentagon hit an enzuigiri, a superkick, and two Canadian Destroyers on Cage! Pentagon then hit a package piledriver on Cage and got the pinfall. Really solid match here.

Cage tried to hit Pentagon after the end of the match. Pentagon ducked and hit him with the title belt. The fans chanted “Break his arm!” Pentagon went for it, but Cage powered out and hit an F5 right onto the title. The show ended with Cage holding up the Lucha Underground Championship.