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Lucha Underground results: Pentagon Dark vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

The last time we saw Lucha Underground, season two ended with Dario Cueto being arrested and taken away from the Temple. Now, season three begins with Dario working out in prison until a guard lets him go, saying that Dario must have friends in high places.

Honky Tonk Man gives Dario his belongings, including "One giant key!" Dario gets into a limo with one of the politicians and the man's super-big boss, who now has a giant Dr. Claw hand.

In the Temple, Dario is mid-ring with Matanza. He announces Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Pentagon Dark tonight.

Matanza has beaten everyone, but he has a new concept all on his own -- Dario's Dial of Doom, which bears a very mild passing resemblance to Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal. Son of Havoc may have lost his guaranteed title shot last season, but he gained a shot tonight -- in our opener in fact.

Lucha Underground Champion Matanza Cueto defeated Son of Havoc

A game of cat and mouse goes awry for Son of Havoc, who eats a pounce. Matanza misses a splash on the apron, and Havoc does his flagpole elbow right to Matanza's nuts. Havoc hits a victory roll and turns it into a double stomp for two. Matanza's snap sidewinder suplex hits hard.

Moonsault headbutts connect for Matanza. Havoc front facelocks him to the floor. Havoc goes for an armbar after hitting a double stomp. Matanza powers out, but eats a springboard cutter for two. A shooting star press gets a near fall as the crowd goes crazy. Matanza catches Havoc off a dive, then hits the Wrath of the Gods rewind powerslam to win.

The Worldwide Underground meet with Dario about Johnny Mundo not getting a title match. Dario tells him his name was on the dial -- fortune just wasn't on his side. Dario blames Angelico for their trios title loss last season, and we get a skit of them all beating Angelico up after Ultima Lucha Dos. They shatter Angelico's leg in the door of Mundo's sports car.

Dario thanks them for the story, but won't give Mundo a shot at the title. Mundo wants to face Sexy Star instead, but Dario says that they all lost -- except for Taya, so she will face Star for the title.

Ivelisse talks about Catrina costing her two Ultima Lucha matches, and she wants her first Ultima Lucha win to be against Catrina. Ivelisse says she wants to crush Catrina's skull in the process. The lights go out and Catrina accepts Ivelisse's challenge, telling her to bring it on.

Gift of the Gods Champion Sexy Star defeated Taya

Star appears to be back from a vacation on the sun given how dark she is. Striker talks about how the GOTG title has never been successfully defended as Star locks on a Fujiwara armbar. Star slaps Taya after they do a tumbling exchange that Vampiro compares to something from Johnny Smith.

Star elbows her down before a dropkick to the backside sends Taya to the floor. Star eats a fallaway slam after Taya catches her on a dive. Taya's shotgun knees miss as she is held by Mundo. Star cradles her and wins. The entire group beats up Star before Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar (the Trios Champions) come out to the ring.

Marty the Moth interrupts Dario as he's talking on the phone. Marty makes sure that Dario got his gifts in jail, and Dario asks that they never speak of his "vacation" again. Marty looks even sleazier than before now that he has a beard, and Dario asks him about Killshot. Marty says he's done with him, but Dario says he isn't -- and he will have a chance to win his dog tags back in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match.

Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Pentagon Dark

They bust out a tumbling exchange and Mysterio comes out on top of it with a rana. Pentagon chops him and talks smack before getting two off a double stomp. Mysterio's top is moved aside and he eats a big chop.

Two sling blades hit for a near fall. A superkick sends Mysterio to the apron, but he lands a rana off the top. They fight to the floor, where Mysterio hits a pinwheel DDT. Pentagon hits a head-drop driver for two.

Pentagon stares at Vampiro, who leaves because he just can't be here. Mysterio hits a rana, the 619, and wins with a flip piledriver! Mysterio gets jumped, but Dragon Azteca Jr. saves him from an armbreaker. 

Backstage, Prince Puma ponders his previous loss to Mysterio. Vampiro tells him he knows what he's feeling and he's been there. He's lost and maybe he needs some guidance. Vampiro tells him he has to take his frustrations out on Mil Muertes, and Puma says he's surprised Vampiro isn't sending him after Pentagon.

Vampiro reminds him that it's all about Puma, not him, before leaving.

Final Thoughts --

This was an excellent episode of the show and just about the perfect way to merge the outside drama with the in-ring action.

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