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Lucha Underground results: Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma in star-laden Trios match

Two titles are on the line tonight as Cage battles Chavo for the Gift of the Gods Title, and Rey Mysterio Jr, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr. defend against the team of Fenix, PJ Black, and Jack Evans. It's an unlikely team of opponents though, as Fenix is a babyface and thus an odd man out. Joey Ryan also faces Mascarita Sagrada, who is looking for his first win with Famous B by his side. 

The show begins with a recap of the cop drama and the Trios Titles being won by Rey, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr. Chavo stealing Cage's medallion is shown, and we see him letting Chavo win so he can get a shot tonight. In Vampiro's lair, he tells Pentagon Jr. that he's not ready to face Matanza - while Pentagon says he has zero fear. Vamp welcomes the Voodoo Greyskulls to the show, and he runs down tonight's card as Cage battles Chavo for the Gift of the Gods Title.

Striker talks about the main event which will see PJ Black, Jack Evans, and Fenix facing Rey, Azteca, and Puma. Joey Ryan is mid-ring while Striker calls him a hit and quit it kinda guy. Famous B comes out and gets a nice Famous B chant. He transitions it into a Mascarita chant and introduces him wonderfully, outside of getting jumped and calling him 'MASCARITA GODDAMN!"

Joey Ryan vs. Mascarita Sagrada

Joey jumps him, but Sagrada recovers, sends him to the floor and dives onto him. Sagrada gets crotched, and then Joey offers up his lollipop to Brenda. Joey can't lift him over his head, but is overjoyed when he lands a basic slam. Wasteland by Sagrada and a diving headbutt gets 2. Joey gets kicked low, which hurts Sagrada. A small package gets 2 for Sagrada and then Joey gets a very awkward tornado DDT for the win. B and Brenda console Sagrada while the commentators talk about how Sagrada has yet to win with Famous B by his side.

We get a Taya personality profile about how she sees confidence when she looks in the mirror. She also kicks the asses of a bunch of wacky suited ninjas, as you do. Taya says she sees the perfect woman in the mirror, and Mundo agrees. Her red dress and ass-kicking made it seem like they were going for a Ronda Rousey in Expendables 3 vibe - only with more lucha ninjas. King Cuerno talks to Mil Muertes's body in a coffin in his office. Mil acted like he was king - but he was still in Cuerno's jungle. Well, that was different and great. Chavo comes down and then Striker adds a billion nicknames for Cage, including the Sentinel.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Cage - Gift of the Gods Title

Chavo gets a "Cage is gonna kill you" chant right away. Cage's new black and gold singlet looks fantastic. He starts with tons of lariats in the corners while Vamp buries Striker for saying Chavo was once one of the best in the world. Chavo tries to gain an edge with sneaky tactics, but gets caught in an apron tree slam. He rakes the eyes and gets Cage to the floor - but a dive is caught and he eats several slams against the railing. Chavo sends him to the floor with a tilt a whirl headscissors and a dive.

Chavo lands a draping DDT and gets 2. Chavo goes for the legs, but Cage tosses him into the buckle and monkey flips him. Cage catches a dive and lands a Finlay roll before a moonsault misses. Chavo gets 2, and works on the knee. Cage hits an apron kick and lands his power superplex into the ring. European uppercut sends Chavo into the corner, where Chavo tries to kick him - but eats a sitout Alabama slam that gets 2. Cage's F5 is countered and Chavo hits a running tornado DDT for 2.

Rolling kick hits for Chavo, but a discus lariat only gets 2 for Cage thanks to Chavo getting his feet on the rope. Chavo avoids a superplex and gets a sunset bomb and a frog splash for 2.5! Chavo doe the Eddie shuffle and lands Three Amigos - but only gets two of them and Cage turns into a suplex, then a powerbomb, and then Weapon X for the win and the Gift of the Gods Title. Cage trades in his title for a shot at Matanza next week - where it will be Monster vs. Machine.

Taya takes Jack and PJ to the locker room where Fenix is laid out. Mundo replaces him and then punts Fenix for good measure. Officers Neehan and Reyes search Dario's office since Dario and "his hot ninja" are gone. They find tons of money before Castro busts them for trying to rob Dario without him - so Reyes arrests Cisco while Neehan points a gun at him. Well, this was different and furthers the cop drama while also ending The Crew. Taya comes out and tells everyone that Fenix won't be here, but PJ and Jack have a better partner - Mundo!

Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, and Jack Evans vs. Trios Champions Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr.

Jack starts with Azteca and lets everyone know he still hates dragons.  Jack flips around a bit, but eats a dropkick and some nasty chops in the corner. Azteca hits a double-jump armdrag sending Jack to the corner. A triangle dropkick sends Jack to the floor. PJ comes in to face Puma, and Puma gets tied to a tree of woe before Jack attacks in the corner. Mundo lands a tornado kick while Puma tries to rise up. PJ comes in and gets 2 off of that match. Mundo and PJ land a double backbody drop for 2.

Puma uses Jack and PJ against each other and forces PJ to DDT Jack with a flying lariat. Rey comes in to face Mundo and sends him down with a deja vu headscissors. Puma and Azteca kick away at Mundo. They get 2 off a legdrop while Jack jumps in for a save. Johnny turns Puma and Azteca's bodies against each other by catching Azteca and sending Azteca into Puma in the corner. PJ gets 2 off a pop-up cutter. Evans comes in and lands a tornado kick before Rey sends Mundo to the floor. Azteca lands a springboard rana to the floor and sends Mundo into the apron.

Evans goes up, but gets crotched. Puma sends him down and that results in Evans hitting a wacky kick before hitting a pop-up rana that sends Puma into PJ where PJ eats a rana. Rey kicks PJ into the ropes for a 619, which hits. Puma's 630 hits and only gets 2 because Mundo pulls the ref out. Mundo kicks Rey low before Mundo and Taya land a double superkick. PJ kicks Puma in the crotch and Evans kicks Puma low too! PJ goes for a brainbuster, but Jack kicks him low first and then the Wellness Policy hits. Johnny goes for the End of the World, but it only gets 2! Mundo goes for a German superplex, but Puma flips back and tags Azteca. Azteca gets a code red, but Jack chairshots him and Mundo cradles him for the win! PJ Black, Jack Evans, and Johnny Mundo win it - giving us two new champions tonight.

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