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Myzteziz reportedly at Arena Mexico tonight

In a very interesting political move, Luis Urive, the most famous Mistico, currently Myzteziz, is said to be at Arena Mexico right now.

The belief is that he is there to announce he would be wrestling for the Lucha Libre Elite promotion that has a show scheduled on 10/25 at Arena Mexico.

Myzteziz is one of the top stars of the rival AAA promotion, and is currently feuding with both heels Los Perros Del Mal, and even more, is the big rival of Rey Mysterio Jr., having turned on Mysterio Jr. in their match at TripleMania, a feud that has continued at television tapings, last week's Heroes Inmortales show, and on several upcoming TV shoots.

Urive was the biggest drawing card since the early 90s boom as Mistico at Arena Mexico.  He left the promotion on bad terms to join WWE as the first Sin Cara, and flopped in the role and was fired.

CMLL has a long standing history of never letting people back who have left on bad terms, but recently bringing back L.A. Park and Dr. Wagner Jr., and seeing the houses increase greatly, may have slightly changed that.

Lucha Libre Elite, formerly All Elite, runs big shows at Arena Mexico and advertises at the CMLL shows.  Park and Wagner Jr. were their big stars, along with the top CMLL talent.  However, after Park was fired and Wagner Jr. quit, CMLL said they would not allow either to wrestle in their owned building, even with another promotion.