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Former NXT wrestler EJ Nduka coming to MLW

A recently released NXT wrestler is coming to MLW.

During this week's edition of MLW's 2021 Open Draft, it was announced that EJ Nduka is coming to MLW. Nduka will make his MLW debut at the promotion's Battle Riot tapings, which are being held at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, July 10. The tapings mark the start of a new season for MLW. It will be the first MLW event with fans in attendance since March 2020.

Nduka was released by WWE last month as part of a round of NXT cuts. Nduka, a former football player and bodybuilder, had signed with WWE in August 2019. He used the name Ezra Judge in NXT but never made his television debut.

Dave Meltzer wrote about Nduka when he was released by WWE:

The response we heard is people were shocked he was cut so there must be a story that wasn’t well known or something. His wrestling name was Ezra Judge but he never made it to NXT television. His lack of success also shows how much wrestling has changed because he would have had two months of training and been put in main events had he come along in the 80s. Think about this, he’s bigger than Lex Luger, a better athlete than Luger, better or the same body as Luger (Luger could have never won the contests he won) and Luger was spotted and was main eventing day one after weeks of training because that’s what they did with guys like that in the 80s.

Nduka is now using the nickname "The Judge."

This round of the MLW Open Draft also included the announcements that Contra Unit and Bu Ku Dao will be returning for MLW's new season.