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War Chamber match set for November MLW TV tapings

Team Hammerstone and Contra Unit are going to war at November's MLW television tapings.

MLW has announced that Alex Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, EJ Nduka, and a partner will face Contra's Jacob Fatu, Mads Krugger, Ikuro Kwon & Josef Samael in a War Chamber match at next month's TV tapings in Philadelphia. The tapings are being held at the 2300 Arena on Saturday, November 6.

Hammerstone defeated Fatu to win the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at Fightland last week. On this Wednesday's episode of Fusion: Alpha, Samael said Fightland wasn't the end and the final battle between Hammerstone and Contra is in sight. Samael challenged Hammerstone to face Contra in a War Chamber match. Hammerstone responded by accepting the challenge.

Later in the episode, Kwon tried to attack Hammerstone but was taken out by Nduka. Nduka said he's tired of Contra's nonsense, and Hammerstone offered Nduka a spot on his War Chamber team.

The War Chamber is MLW's version of a War Games match. It features a cage with barbed wire on top of it.

Here are the rules for the War Chamber match:

  • A coin toss determines which team enters first.
  • 1-on-1 for 5:00 in stage 1 of the War Chamber.
  • The winner of the coin toss comes out for 2-on-1.
  • Alternating teams have wrestlers enter every 2 minutes.
  • Once all combatants are in the War Chamber, victory is won by submission, surrender or pinfall.