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MLW Fury Road live results: National title tournament finals

MLW's first National Openweight Champion will be crowned on tonight's Fury Road live special from the Waukesha County Expo Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Alexander Hammerstone and Brian Pillman are facing off to determine the inaugural National Openweight Champion. This is the final match in a four-man tournament. Hammerstone defeated Gringo Loco to get to the finals, while Pillman defeated Rich Swann.

There will also be another title match on tonight's live special, with MLW Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart defending against Jimmy Havoc. Hart has been Middleweight Champion since winning the title in a ladder match in December 2018.

Hart is the second Middleweight Champion in MLW history, with the title having been vacated by MJF due to injury prior to Hart winning it. Hart & Davey Boy Smith Jr. also hold the MLW Tag Team titles.

Gringo Loco vs. Myron Reed rounds out the lineup for tonight's one-hour special. It will begin on beIN Sports at 9 p.m. Eastern time.


Gringo Loco beat Myron Reed

Fast paced match with Reed doing various forms of the Cutter, mostly off the ropes. Reed had a near fall while grabbing the ropes and the ref broke it up. While arguing with the ref, Reed was distracted which allowed Loco to hit a Tombstone piledriver for the win. 

Reed beat down Loco after the match

Selena dela Renta announced that she will the executive producer of the MLW show on June 15th. 

National Openweight tournament finals - Alexander Hammerstone beat Brian Pillman Jr to become the first champion

People used to always say that Hammerstone looks like Triple H. He looks way more like Chris Jericho with his shorter hair. He's also supposed to be 6 ft 3 but there's no way he's more than 5'11". 

Pillman took it to Hammerstone to start. Crowd solidly behind Pillman. Hammerstone's Dynasty stablemate Richard Holliday briefly joined the commentary basically to say Pillman's father would be ashamed of him. Pillman has his hair bleached blond and looks more like Michael Hayes Jr. Hammerstone brutalized Pillman on the outside, slamming him into the barricade and onto the ring apron before rolling him back into the ring. 

Hammerstone channelled early Hunter Hearst Helmsley, using the high knee repeatedly to control the match inside the ring. Pillman had a brief comeback after Hammerstone argued with the ref, hitting a superkick and a cross body for a 2 count. He missed a top rope splash, which allowed Hammerstone to hit his finisher, The Nightmare, to get the win and the title. 

Hammerstone cut an in-ring promo after the match and lambasted Pillman for his partying lifestyle and living off his Dad's name. He said he worked hard and earned the title. 

Contra attacked Filthy Tom in the parking lot and kidnapped him. They showed a taped vignette with Tom bound and gagged. They then gave him a hair cut and said they could take anything at any time. 

Cornette and Bonini explained that Contra Unit not only kidnapped Tom but also took over the production truck and that a couple of those individuals quit as a result and they apologized for what we'd seen and said it would never air again. 

Main event for the MLW Middleweight title - Champion Teddy Hart retained his title with a win over Jimmy Havoc

Both these guys were at least weekend's Double or Nothing show. Havoc was a featured performer in the Battle Royal and later in the show. Hart was wandering through the crowd, posing for pictures with fans, seemingly there for his uncle Bret's appearance. When we last saw Havoc on an MLW live special, he had a sick match with Tom Lawlor where he stapled Lawlor's forehead, opening a huge gash, before getting pinned by the World champ. 

Hart came out with both his middleweight and tag team title but without stablemates Pillman Jr and Davey Boy Smith Jr. Both guys brought a chair into the ring with them, previewing the violence that's likely to come in this title match. 

Hart took the early advantage with punches and then hit a springboard moonsault for the first two count. Hart worked over Havoc's arm in a submission attempt as we went to commercial with 6 minutes left in the broadcast window. 

Back from commercial and Hart is still in control. Havoc has literally not had any offence thus far. Cornette says they will be commercial free for the rest of the broadcast and will go past the top of the hour if necessary. Hart hit a lungblower and then a backbreaker. 

Apparently, Lawlor escaped his captivity and made his way to the ticket window, trying to get into the building. Cornette said they are attempting to get him to the hospital. 

Havoc reversed a pildriver attempt and then slammed Hart into a chair that was on the apron. Hart was busted open from that and Havoc hit him in the head with a chair as his head was against the ringpost. Havoc then used an 8x10 photo to cut Hart's hand and mouth before slamming him into a guardrail. Back in the ring, Havoc hit Hart in the head with a chair again and got a two count. 

Hart got the advantage by slamming Havoc into a chair that was wedged into the turnbuckles. Havoc then secured a sharpshooter, which the crowd booed heavily. Hart bleeding like crazy from his forehead as he tries to fight it off and he made it to the ropes for a break. Hart threw a chair into Havoc but Havoc hit a Canadian Destroyer. Havoc missed the Acid Rainmaker and then hit a Destroyer of his own. 

Hart then hit a Hammerlock DDT onto a chair for the pin to retain the belt. 

The Dynasty attacked Hart after the match but the Hart Foundation was out for the save. They announced that MJF will face Davey Boy Smith Jr on next week's MLW show.