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MLW Fusion results: Kross, Smith Jr. & Von Erichs vs. Team Filthy

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Big Takeaways --

  • A huge eight-man tag was the main event as WWE's Killer Kross teamed with Davey Boy Smith Jr. & the Von Erich brothers to defeat Team Filthy (“Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Erick Stevens, Dominic Garrini & Kit Osbourne).
  • El Lindaman defeated Zenshi in a great opener.
  • An ex-ECW star returned to Philadelphia as Mance Warner's pick to face Richard Holliday.

Full Recap --

El Lindaman defeated Zenshi (8:09)

Zenshi was selling his shoulder injury from Dominic Garrini a few weeks ago. That came into play a few times throughout the match and eventually cost him the bout in the end.

They equaled each other in the early going after an impressive quick exchange. Zenshi went for a handshake, but Lindaman slapped it away and rocked him with a forearm to the jaw. Zenshi came back with a standing moonsault, but surprisingly it was El Lindaman who took to the sky first with a summersault plancha to the outside.

Lindaman then went to work on Zenshi's injured shoulder, but the high flyer soon fought back using his uninjured arm to handstand and eventually springboard himself into the ring and connect with an elbow drop. He launched himself into the ring again moments later and caught his opponent with a neckbreaker this time.

Zenshi landed on his feet off a German suplex but was snapped into a cross armbreaker seconds later. Lindaman locked it in, but Zenshi used his long legs to get to the ropes. Zenshi blocked another German suplex but instead ate a Northern Lights into the corner, then eventually a German -- but this only got a two count.

Zenshi fought back with a backflip kick, then stayed one step ahead of Lindaman as he evaded four strikes and then hit three kicks of his own in a row. Zenshi went for an Ace Crusher but ate a Blue Thunder Bomb and a tiger suplex instead, which was enough to keep him grounded for the three count.

- Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr., and the Von Erichs hyped up their main event against Team Filthy. Smith talked about the family legacies and how far he was going to shove Garrini's head up his own ass. Kross made fun of Team Filthy's name and warned them “Everybody pays the toll."

- Mance Warner wasn't giving away any hints as to who his mystery man was to face Richard Holliday later in the night. And when Holliday met with Alicia Atout he guessed the participant: his garbage truck driver? Kwang? The ghost of Carlos Colon? Whoever it is they will be breathing rarefied air.

- Josef Samael warned us that the infiltration of the infidels is underway.

- Earlier in the day, Injustice tried to jump Brian Pillman Jr. and cut his hair ahead of his match with Jordan Oliver next week, but Davey Boy Smith Jr. made the save before they could get to his mullet.

The Blue Meanie defeated Richard Holliday by countout (4:53)

Meanie was announced as Mance Warner's mystery choice to face Holliday and he got a good nostalgia pop from the Philadelphia crowd. This was a nice but relatively short comedy match.

They exchanged struts, but when Holliday suggested dancing together, he jumped Meanie from behind. Holliday rocked Meanie with a big clothesline, but the Blue Guy fought back with his Meanie jabs. He missed a big avalanche in the corner and Holliday floored him again with a back elbow.

Holliday got in Warner's face at the announcer's table and poured a beer out on the floor to the disgust of the Southern Psycho. Warner retaliated by spitting a beer in Holliday's face. With all the distractions going on, Holliday got himself counted out!

- Atout was with Injustice and she brought up their “beef” with AAA. Oliver said he has a beef with MLW management and said Injustice are the real superstars. They sarcastically said hopefully Pillman is healthy for his match with Oliver next week.

- Low Ki hyped up his match with King Mo next week. He said Mo has fought some great fighters, and he appears a little punch drunk, but by the time Ki is done with him he is going to be kicked sh*t faced.

- Mo (with Atout) retaliated by saying Ki is a fraud. He said all he saw on YouTube was a little person getting bodyslammed. His American Top Team cornerman demanded that Ki have his own cornerman so he could throw the towel in.

- LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park then showed us how to cook sausages and eggs, using it as a euphemism to how they beat their opponents. They called themselves future champions of MLW.

- In a breaking news segment, we were told Mance Warner has challenged MJF to a loser leaves MLW match.

- Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Ross & Marshall Von Erich defeated “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini, Erick Stevens & Kit "Rip Von Erich" Osbourne. (7:56)

Lawlor took the mic before the match and said he felt at home in this garbage city. He said it was full of smart marks and insulted the fans. Lawlor was then told to “shut the f*ck up" by the crowd.

As you would imagine, this broke down immediately as all eight fought all over ringside. Lawlor and Ross eventually paired off in the ring as some order was restored. Ross missed a big splash in the corner, giving Team Filthy the opening to beat him down and gain the advantage.

Lawlor suplexed Stevens into Ross as he sat in his opponents' corner, Garrini hit a belly-to-backbreaker, and even Kit Osbourne got in for a few cheap shots.

Kross got the hot tag and suplexed Team Filthy across the ring, but he ate a spinning heel kick from Lawlor. Kross was up seconds later though and dumped Lawlor on his head. Osbourne then hit a low blow on Smith behind the referee's back, but Marshall locked in The Claw as Osbourne tried to hit Smith with a chair.

Marshall hit a Claw Slam and then a big moonsault to pick up the win over Osbourne. Smith put Osbourne through a wooden board for good measure after the bell.

But as the victorious team were leaving, they were jumped by Team Filthy again and they all brawled to the back. The brawl continued in the back as Fusion was going off the air, but out of nowhere King Mo appeared and broke a pipe over Killer Kross' back. The announcer's had just enough time to let us know that he has joined Team Filthy.

Next Week --

  • Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Jordan Oliver
  • Low Ki vs. King Mo