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MLW Fusion results: Mance Warner vs. Sami Callihan loser leaves town

Salina de la Renta is the executive producer of this week's MLW Fusion and presented "The Southern Psycho" Mance Warner vs. "The Worldwide Desperado" Sami Callihan in a loser leaves MLW, falls count anywhere match. 

The Big Takeaways

  • A stapled Mance Warner defeated Sami Callihan in a loser leaves MLW match.
  • Low Ki got some revenge on Promociones Dorado by defeating Ricky Martinez.
  • Flamita, in his MLW debut, and Rey Horus had an amazing match.
  • We go a further build toward “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and the Von Erich brothers against Contra Unit next week.

Show Recap

Backstage, while laying on a red velvet draped couch and sipping champagne, de la Renta introduced us to her executively produced show where she announced that tonight “the traitor” Low Ki would take on Promociones Dorado's own Ricky Martinez. She also announces, in Spanish, Flamita will take on Rey Horus, and chastised Rich Bocchini for his pronunciation of “Horus”.

She finished by announcing the upcoming battle between “the goat lover” Mance Warner and “the gross, sweaty warthog” Sami Callihan and warned them that she has given the order “off with their heads”.

We then saw Sami Callihan and Mance Warner having trouble entering the building as security was denying them entrance. Jimmy Havoc appeared and calmed them down but told them that they are not allowed in tonight by orders of de la Renta. It looked like the main event was in jeopardy as Havoc smiled and waved them away. I guess Salina's powers are spreading farther and farther tonight.

Flamita defeated Rey Horus (13:20)

This was an excellent and exciting match-up between these two. Flamita came out to “Firestarter” by the Prodigy for his first MLW appearance and Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini told us he was one of the most sought after talents coming out of Mexico after his recent tour with Dragon Gate. Rey Horus also looked excellent here and both should have an exciting future in MLW.

It had a quick pace and a smooth lucha exchange to start before they traded early big dives. Flamita had an early flourish with a tilt a whirl headscissors and top rope asai moonsault to the floor but Horus quickly retaliated with a huge no-touch cannonball plancha to the floor.

Both seemed evenly matched as Flamita cartwheeled off the top rope to evade a Horus attack, and then swiftly hit a gutbuster from a muscle buster position for a two count. Horus responded with a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex right into the turnbuckles for a close two count of his own.

They exchanged slaps, right hands, and basement dropkicks for a double down and to cement the fact these two are evenly placed in the MLW middleweight division. Shortly thereafter, Flamita hit the back of his head off the top turnbuckle when Horus yanked him off the top rope. That seemed to knock Flamita a bit off his game but he was able to regain focus and reverse a hurricanrana attempt off the top, but Horus countered that with a deep arm drag sending Flamita across the ring.

Horus hit a Spanish fly and then a tilt-a-whirl around-the-world DDT, and Flamita responded with a Spanish fly of his own. But, Horus hit another spinning DDT for another close two count.

They took a breather, stood face to face, and began a forearm exchange. Horus leapt and spiked Flamita with a hurricanrana for a two, but Flamita kicked out and sprung to his feet to grab Horus and hit a death valley driver, double underhook powerbomb, and frog splash combo but only for another two count. This sequence got a show of appreciation from the MLW crowd.

Horus crotched Flamita on the top rope but Flamita fought him off and hit a 450 splash to pick up the win and another dose of the Prodigy's “Firestarter".

 -- A Contra Unit video package led into a “Filthy” Tom Lawlor promo where he introduced us to the Von Erich brothers: Marshall and Ross who will be joining him to take on Contra Unit in six-man tag team action. He said they were going to put them to sleep at the hands of "Filthy" Tom.

 -- We got a promo video for the return of Savio Vega, coming this summer!

Low Ki defeated Ricky Martinez (5:55)

De la Renta took the mic before the match and welcomed everyone to her show, telling us there would be a public execution tonight.

Ricky stalled early but Low Ki caught him and chopped him around ringside and inside the ropes too. Martinez stalled again and baited Low Ki out, who began jawjacking with Salina. That gave Martinez the chance to hit a baseball slide to take the advantage.

The commentators were questioning if de la Renta and Contra Unit were in cahoots and also questioned Jimmy Havoc's intentions with the Promociones Dorado leader. Inside the ring, Martinez kept on top of Low Ki and came close a few times with close nearfalls.

The crowd got behind Low Ki and he responded by fighting back and hitting a double foot stomp. Martinez soon grabbed the referee and was able to get some heat back, but only momentarily as Low Ki fought back and hammered Martinez with an elbow/forearm to the face of Martinez which knocked him clean out. The referee called for the bell and awarded the match to Low Ki via knockout.

After the match Low Ki and Salina got face-to-face in a heated confrontation before bailing and leaving Salina to storm off and leave Martinez alone in the ring.

-- Sami Callihan and Mance Warner were then outside the building arguing about tonight's match. They called themselves the Midwest Mega Powers before spitting into each others hands and shaking on it.

-- We then had a short LA Park video package before we saw a second video package for the debuting Dr. Wagner Jr.

De la Renta and Ricky Martinez were backstage arguing about Martinez's loss. She said she had no time for Martinez and the whole world should see what a f*cking disappointment he is.

We then saw Dynasty cutting a pre-taped promo on the Hart Foundation. They were in the best place money could buy...Wisconsin. Holliday hyped up his match with Teddy Hart next week and they joked about Teddy making his own ring gear. A bit of tension followed when Hammerstone said he had brought the Dynasty gold, but MJF told him that he and Holliday will soon win gold of their own too.

Mance Warner defeated Sami Callihan in a loser leaves MLW, falls count anywhere match (18:13)

This was an unbelievable, gross, wild and crazy brawl which ended Callihan's MLW run. The fight took them all over the arena and a staple gun was used all over Warner's body. In the end, the Southern Psycho didn't give up and fought back to win a vicious and bloody fight.

Warner brought out a trash can with him, Callihan walked out, spat water at Jim Cornette, and flipped him the middle finger. Cornette flipped out and swung his tennis racket but missed Callihan by a mile.

They immediately went at it at ringside with Callihan using a trash can lid and steel chair against Warner before launching him into the crowd. They brawled through the concession stand as Bocchini and Cornette got worked up thinking that Callihan could have spat diphtheria, Ebola, measles, syphilis or tetanus at them.

They brawled up the bleachers and rammed each other into the back wall before Callihan hit a brain buster on the bleachers for a two count. Warner fought back and used a plastic trash can as a helmet to smack Callihan in the face.

Bocchini thought Cornette's eye was becoming a little red, and Cornette wondered if Callihan had given him “trench mouth”. They brawled over to the food stand and used forks on each other before Warner shoved tabasco down Warner's throat.

They made their way back into the ring where Callihan brought out the staple gun. He went for Warner's forehead, but Warner fought back and after ten minutes, we got the first attempt at a wrestling move: a sunset flip. Callihan stood firm, reached down between his legs and staplegunned Warner between the eyes.

He then placed a trash can on Warner and swung a steel chair full force directly at his face. How are you supposed to know when that chair is coming? Warner was busted open from either the staple or the chair shot as Callihan grabbed some money from the fans at ringside. He then stapled dollar bills to Warner's shoulders and one on his forehead.

Warner was a sight: on his knees, writhing in pain, face covered in blood, and dollar bills stapled to his shoulders and forehead. Callihan screamed at him to quit, but he didn't. He hulked up, ripped the money off, eye poked Callihan, and chokeslammed him into the trash can for a two count.

Callihan then brought out a wooden sheet from under the ring and set it up between two chairs. He went to the top rope, but Callihan grabbed him in the groin, went up to join him, and then hit a piledriver from the top rope through the wooden board. A “holy sh*t” chant broke out, but amazingly Warner kicked out at two and the match continued.

Callihan brought out a wooden board of his own and launched it into the ring, right onto Warner's knee. He took too much time shouting his “thumbs up, thumbs down” and got speared through the board he set up in the corner. Callihan also kicked out at two.

They sat on chairs and faced one another. They took turns swinging right hands before Callihan spat in Warner's face but, of course, Warner retaliated with a globular mouthful of his own. They exchanged some more and the next devastating maneuver (that didn't end the fight) was a Callihan tombstone piledriver onto a seated chair, which Warner again kicked out of.

Callihan then took the stapling to a whole other level. He grabbed Warner's tongue out of his mouth and yes, you guessed it, stapled it to a piece of the wooden board. This backfired though as it only woke Warner up. He hulked up again, yanked his stapled tongue off the wood, and battered Callihan over the head with it time and time again.

Cornette was going bananas on commentary shouting for Warner to beat him and finish the match. Warner hit Callihan with his knee pad up/down running knee to the face but Callihan kicked out at one. Warner then lay a piece of the broken wood against a prone Callihan and hit a second running knee through the wood and into Callihan's face for the win and the fall that will sent Callihan out of MLW.

Next week:

  • Tornado Six-Man Tag: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Marshall & Ross Von Erich vs Contra Unit: Josef Samael, Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch
  • Teddy Hart vs Richard Holliday