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MLW Fusion results: Tom Lawlor & Von Erichs vs. Contra Unit

The Big Takeaway --

If you thought last week's Sami Callihan vs.Mance Warner falls count anywhere match was crazy, wild, and chaotic -- you ain't seen nothing yet. The Von Erichs debuted and looked great, picking up the win for their team against Contra Unit in the main event.

Full Recap --

- We opened with a mock funeral for Sami Callihan and his MLW career, complete with a headstone in the middle of a graveyard. Narrated by Jimmy Havoc, he mocked Callihan for losing last week's loser leaves MLW match against Mance Warner as we saw clips from the brutal match.

Havoc warned Warner that he will eventually end up the same too. At the end, the camera panned out to show Salina de la Renta and Havoc side by side, dressed in black like some modern version of the Addam's Family. De la Renta ended with “Rest in peace... you warthog.”

Richard Holliday vs. Teddy Hart ended in a no contest

MJF joined Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette on commentary for what seemed to be our opening contest. As Hart was making his entrance, he approached the announce table and confronted MJF. This led to Holliday blindsiding Hart and MJF and Holliday beating Hart down.

MJF hit Hart with Hart's own Middleweight title belt, then MJF and Holliday ran off with said belt.

- We had a video recap of the Warner vs. Callihan match from last week, including the events leading up to the encounter with de la Renta. We then cut to a taped promo from Warner saying he was played like a fool and was used to get Callihan out of MLW.

Warner challenged Ricky Martinez, El Hijo de LA Park, and finally LA Park himself. Warner ended by calling out Jimmy Havoc, saying he has a head like a baseball and he is going to hit a home run and send it back to the UK. One-by-one Warner is going to take Promociones Dorado out.

Jordan Oliver defeated Isaias Velazquez (4:34)

Oliver is now paying homage to 1992 WWF by dressing in a full body orange “Nailz” jumpsuit. Luckily, he was rather more athletic than the Big Bossman's prison foe and finished off Velazquez with a cutter off the middle rope.

Velazquez had a bright start, evading Oliver's attacks, hitting a high dropkick, and connecting with a soccer kick off the apron. But Oliver then crotched him on the top rope and hit what initially looked like a springboard DDT, but he spun to make it a cutter -- his first of many. Myron Reed appeared in the crowd with his #Justice sign that the commentators mentioned.

Velazquez came close with a springboard takedown out of the corner, but he then missed a double foot stomp from the top. That let Oliver hit a springboard stunner from the apron, then Oliver leapt off the middle rope for a cutter to pick up the win.

- We saw cell phone footage of Dynasty leaving the building, apparently with Teddy Hart's Middleweight title.

Low Ki defeated Tom Coffey (0:10)

Ki picked up the KO win with the same running elbow to the face that knocked Ricky Martinez out last week.

After the bell, the cameras caught Ki coming through the Gorilla position. He told us that the top level athletes come here to MLW. He called out Contra Unit and told them the Pandora's box that they opened is now coming for them. Ki said that they are now in the sights of “the professional.”

MLW World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Marshall Von Erich & Ross Von Erich defeated Contra Unit (Simon Gotch, Josef Samael & Jacob Fatu) in a tornado tag match (7:42)

The Von Erich brothers made an excellent debut and looked outstanding in this wild and mental main event. The action was everywhere and was non-stop from the opening bell.

Contra showed their first signs of vulnerability as Lawlor and the Von Erichs matched them for brawling, brutality, and balls. Weapons were swinging, fists were flying, and Von Erich dropkicks were launching high into the air. Gotch took the pinfall loss after a back suplex assisted Iron Claw slam from the Von Erichs.

Gotch got nose-to-nose with a fan at ringside as Fatu tried to bait others to come over the rail and try their luck. Someone did try their luck, not a fan, but Lawlor as he gave them a taste of their own medicine and blindsided Contra and jumped them from behind. He was closely followed by the Von Erich brothers as the tornado six-man brawl got underway.

The Von Erichs applied the Claw holds to Gotch and Samael before Fatu made the save. Marshall and Fatu then went at it, with the Von Erich brother getting the better of the Samoan. Samael and Gotch joined in -- and quickly the numbers game played in Contra's advantage.

Lawlor had a rear naked choke on Fatu on the outside, but Lawlor ate the guardrail soon after. Fatu entered the ring with a chair, but it was bounced back off his skull with a Von Erich dropkick. Fatu was then sent flying with a double dropkick from the brothers.

The fast and chaotic start slowed down as the six brawled around ringside. Lawlor was suplexed on the apron multiple times and was then duck taped to the ring post.

Samael used a steel chair on the Von Erichs before getting them into the ring. Fatu hit his springboard jump-up moonsault off the top rope onto both Von Erichs as Marshall jumped on top of Ross to try and soften the blow.

A referee cut Lawlor loose and he appeared with a piece of wooden board and obliterated it over Fatu's head. No hands up, no protection, full on exploding wood straight over the head. Fatu stayed on his feet, so Lawlor went “Filthy” and kicked him between the legs to take him out of the action.

Samael was taken out with wood to the gut from Lawlor and a dropkick from the barefoot Marshall, who sprang to his feet and called for the Claw. He applied the Iron Claw to Gotch, and with the help from his brother Ross hitting a back suplex, they Iron Claw suplexed Gotch down to the mat for the win in their MLW debut, handing Contra Unit their first official pinfall loss.

Contra did not give up after the bell. Officials came out to break up the fighting as Lawlor and the Von Erichs held their own. During the melee, MLW producer Alex Greenfield fell and hit his head. When he eventually made it back to his feet, he was floored again and choked by Gotch to the disgust of Cornette and Bocchini.

Ring announcer Tim Barr also took a right hand from Fatu as the action and brawling was spilling everywhere. Lawlor reappeared and choked Fatu with one of Contra's spikes. Bocchini made the call of the night to perfectly describe the scene: “This is nuts!”

Fatu put a referee through a table and Samael smacked the ref with a chair. They then went after Bocchini and Cornette on the entrance stage as Lawlor and the Von Erichs celebrated inside the ring.