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MLW Underground results & video: Christopher Daniels vs. Homicide

The Big Takeaways:

This week's retro MLW Underground featured Christopher Daniels vs. Homicide in his promotional debut and a tag team match of debutants as EZ Money and Julio Dinero took on Nosawa and Masada. 

Show Review:

We opened with the closing moments of last week's MLW World Heavyweight title match between Kojima and Johnny Smith including the stuff we didn't see during the commercial break like when Smith came off the top with a missile dropkick but Kojima roared up from the aerial attack and forearmed Smith to the ground.

Joey Styles then welcomed us to his week's Underground by letting us know Hybrid Hell was the most-attended MLW show to date and began to hype the next TV taping back at Taboo in Orlando, Florida. 

Hot Commodity (EZ Money and Julio Dinero) defeated Nosawa and Masada (9:37 aired)

Hot Commodity jumped their Japanese opponents as Styles told us Nosawa and Masada were a pair of the top junior heavyweights in CMLL (at the time). Commodity caught Masada off a dive but Nosawa took them all out with a baseball slide into his partner. Nosawa was giving everyone the middle finger in the early going, including the fans at ringside, and he enjoyed it so much that he didn't notice Money tagging in and taking a cheap shot while his back was turned.

Masada hit a nice hurricanrana on Money as Nosawa clearly told the referee in English to “f*ck off” when he didn't count the three for his team. Money fought back and locked in a reverse Boston Crab and moved into a pendulum as Dinero came in and they hit a nice elbow off the top/side slam combination. A corkscrew brainbuster followed for a close two count and a nice spin kick caught Masada right on the jaw. Dinero then busted out a pump handle fireman's carry slam as they really started to wear down Masada.

Money hit a standing backflip splash on Masada for a two count as we went to a commercial. Nothing much changed after the break as Hot Commodity were still in control. Money went to the top but took too long. Masada caught him with a low blow as he landed and hit a German suplex.

Nosawa got the hot tag and went to work kicking and striking Hot Commodity. He came off the top with a frog splash on Money before they both powerbombed the larger Dinero. Masada got caught in a hurricanrana attempt and was powerbombed on the floor while Nosawa hit Dinero with a Michinoku driver inside the ring. But, Dinero took down Nosawa seconds later and he and Money hit a double team Ocean Cyclone suplex to pick up the win. 


- Styles reviewed the feuds between Jerry Lynn and Paul London and Raven and CM Punk before hyping up the power of Mike Awesome by showing him power bombing Tanaka out of the ring and out of their match as he was not able to continue. We then heard from Tanaka as he cut a promo in Japanese with no subtitles with Styles explaining it was in response to Awesome and his power bomb.

- Styles caught us up with the Samoan Island Tribe-Los Maximos feud and listed off the Samoan family lineage. We heard from the Maximos as they were at the same spot the Samoans jumped them a few weeks ago. They said if they thought they got all of them, they only got a small piece and should expect the unexpected.

- Next up for Styles was the Extreme Horsemen-Dusty Rhodes/Steve Williams/Terry Funk feud where he told us the legends will be out for revenge.

- Before the main event, we saw a nice video package for Satoshi Kojima and his title win that kickstarted Kojimania with clips from his defense against Mitsuya Nagai.

- Styles wrapped by talking about the pairing of Francine and Michael Shane before we cut to a Simply Luscious promo where someone has done her wrong and Styles cant wait to find out who. 

Homicide defeated Christopher Daniels (w/ Jerry Lynn) (4:22 aired)

This was a shame we saw so little of it. Homicide hit an amazing cannonball dive through the ropes before booting Daniels in the face in the corner. Lynn got involved but was knocked off the apron, but this was enough of a distraction for Daniels who took Homicide down face-first as we went to a break.

After the break, Daniels was still in control. Homicide had a brief hope spot by landing on his feet off a monkey flip and hitting a crossbody. Daniels smoothly took him down again with a quick urinage to regain his control. Homicide fought back with a suplex, a clothesline, a charge in the corner, and a hurricanrana off the top rope. He missed a diving headbutt and ate a urinage and a triple jump moonsault but he still kicked out at two.

Daniels went for Angel's Wings but Homicide reversed to the Cop Killa but Daniels wriggled out of it. Daniels collided with Lynn on the apron and got a two count with a schoolboy. Homicide then hit a low blow while they fought for leverage in a backslide and then kicked Daniels in the head with the Mafia Kick to pick up the win.

Lynn and Daniels got their revenge by double-teaming Homicide as Underground went off the air.