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NJPW president Harold Meij details roadmap to resuming shows

NJPW released a video this morning with President & CEO Harold Meij providing a roadmap that will eventually lead to the resumption of shows. You can watch it below:

Meij first detailed why they have not conducted empty arena matches, as other promotions have since the spread of COVID-19. He listed three reasons they have yet to do this: to protect the health and safety of wrestlers and staff, venues being unavailable to use for NJPW events and NJPW’s own corporate social responsibility.

He went on to say that the first step towards resuming shows will be to hold empty arena events. However, Meij said that this will not happen until the following: when Japan lifts its country-wide state of emergency, the number of new infections decline, and when matches can take place in disinfected and safe settings. When events do resume, they will take place both in Japan and in the NJPW Los Angeles dojo.

The next step would be to welcome back fans with added measures. These steps will include extensive health checks on wrestlers and staff, thermographic temperature upon entry, and masks will be compulsory. Venues will be thoroughly disinfected and ventilated, and proper social distancing spacing will be implemented.

Meij ended the message by promising that NJPW won’t be beaten by the disease and urged every pro wrestling fan to come together and overcome this challenge.