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NJPW Best of the Super Juniors night 11 results: Ishimori vs. Tiger Mask

And then there were two. 

The winner of the A Block in the 2019 Best of the Super Juniors will be decided on Friday, with Taiji Ishimori set to face the unbeaten Shingo Takagi. 

Ishimori sealed the deal with a win over Tiger Mask IV today in Aichi. They had a tense, psychologically sound match on what was one of the weaker shows of the tournament so far. 

Dragon Lee and Yoshinobu Kanemaru had a solid main event outing, but with their tournament fate already decided, it lacked something. 

Here are the full results and match recaps from today's show:


YOH and Narita exchanged holds and escapes. Ishii and Tsuji tagged in and traded shoulder tackles. Ishii scored the first knockdown. YOH and Ishii used a series of tags, working over Tsuji in the red corner. 

Tsuji hit a back body drop and managed a tag to Narita. Narita hit a pair of tackles and a vertical suplex. He tried for a belly-to-belly, but YOH blocked it. Narita used his crab with a sharpshooter grip, but YOH rolled to the ropes. 

YOH hit a flying forearm. Ishii made a tag and ate a dropkick from Narita. Tsuji tagged in and traded strikes with Ishii. Tsuji scored a shoulder tackle knockdown. He hit a dropkick, but Ishii no-sold it. Ishii applied a full crab, but Tsuji made it to the bottom rope. 

Tsuji and Narita doubled up on Ishii, and Tsuji hit a spear for a near fall. YOH jumped in to even the odds. Ishii hit a back suplex for a near fall, then used a crab on Tsuji for the submission. A solid opener. 


Bandido and Eagles started off with some crowd work. They did a series of flips, counters, and reversals. It started off a little clunky, but it was very crisp by the end. Jado and Uemura tagged in, and the pace slowed to a crawl. Jado has balance issues and really shouldn't be in the ring. 

Bullet Club worked Uemura over in the blue corner. Taguchi got a tag and ran wild with hip attacks. ELP avoided Three Amigos, then hit an enzuigiri. Both tagged out. 

Juice avoided a kendo stick shot from Jado and a brass knuckles shot from Gedo. Juice hit Gedo with Pulp Friction for the pin. Not much to this one. 


Suzuki-gun attacked before the opening bell. They used the jumpstart and a ringside brawl to take the early advantage. They worked over Umino. Ospreay tagged in, and he went one-on-one with DOUKI. Ospreay gave DOUKI the bulk of the offense. 

Taichi and Umino tagged back in. Taichi used an Axe Bomber for a near fall, then won after a superkick. 

After the match, DOUKI and Taichi beat down Ospreay. Taichi hit him with his microphone stand, and DOUKI used a pipe to attack Ospreay's ribs. This was the weakest match on the show to this point. 


Rocky and BUSHI kicked things off. BUSHI teased a dive, but Rocky cut him off, hitting a dropkick. Henare made a tag and started to work on BUSHI. Naito jumped in illegally to even the odds and turn the tide in BUSHI's favor. 

Naito tagged in and landed a one-legged dropkick. BUSHI and Naito made quick tags, working over Henare. BUSHI hit a missile dropkick and choked Henare with his T-shirt. Henare hit a big boot and tagged Rocky. 

Rocky hit a dropkick on BUSHI and a rana on an interfering Naito. Rocky hit forever clotheslines and a rewind kick, getting a near fall. Rocky got a cross armbreaker applied, but BUSHI reached the bottom rope. BUSHI hit an enzuigiri, and both tagged out. 

Henare landed a Samoan Drop for a nearfall. Naito hit a hip toss, a dropkick, a neckbreaker, and a second dropkick. All four men jumped in. BUSHI sent Rocky to the apron, then hit a codebreaker. Naito hit Henare with Destino and got the pin. Just a basic undercard tag match. 



Titan had his right knee taped up. That played into the story of the match. Titan would tease a flying move, hesitate, then SHO would hit him with a power strike. SHO went to work on the right arm. Titan landed a tope con hilo. The arena was deathly quiet. 

Back in the ring, Titan hit a springboard crossbody, then used a kneebar. SHO reached the bottom rope, forcing a break. SHO blocked a flying headscissors, then hit a powerbomb. They traded strikes. 

They exchanged corner clotheslines. Titan hit a slingshot dropkick in the corner. SHO countered with a pair of lariats. Titan used a victory roll for a near fall. He applied an armbar, but SHO managed to get to the ropes. 

SHO hit a piledriver for a near fall, then used Shock Arrow for the pin. Decent work, but the crowd wasn't into this at all.


Ishimori attacked before the bell, but Tiger Mask was able to counter with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Tiger hit a double underhook knee strike, then landed a kick for a near fall. Tiger hit a Tiger Driver for a near fall, then transitioned to a cross armbreaker. Tiger then slipped to an armbar, but Ishimori reached the ropes. 

Tiger hit a series of kicks to Ishimori's arms. Ishimori countered with a jumping knee strike and hit double knees in the corner for a near fall. Tiger used a crucifix for a one count, then blocked a handspring kick. Ishimori hit a running knee for a near fall. 

Ishimori used a Yes Lock, and Tiger tapped out. The psychology of this match was excellent. Ishimori needed a win to stay alive, and Tiger knew that, and threw everything he had at him. 


Gresham was selling his ribs as he entered. They locked up, but Shingo had no desire to trade holds. He used some strikes, a shoulder tackle, and clotheslined Gresham over the top to the floor. Shingo dropped Gresham on the apron. Gresham avoided a chop and made it back inside. 

Shingo climbed to the apron, but Gresham dropkicked him to the floor. He went out after him, but Shingo dropped the injured ribs on the apron, then hit a knee drop to the ribs. 

Back inside, Shingo hit a vertical suplex for a near fall. Gresham managed to pull back on Shingo's left leg, then hit a dropkick in the corner. Shingo rolled to the floor, no-sold a knee strike, and hit a jab. 

Back inside, Gresham hit a dropkick, sending Shingo back to the floor. Gresham hit a suicide dive, then used a rear naked choke on the floor. They teased a countout, but Shingo made it back in at 19. 

Gresham hit a Shooting Star Press, but he could not follow up. Gresham hit a series of hard strikes and got a couple of quick near falls. Gresham tried for the octopus, but Shingo blocked it. Gresham hit the ropes, but Shingo hit him with a pop-up DVD. 

Shingo hit Noshigami for a near fall, then a Pumping Bomber for another two count. Shingo went for Last of the Dragon, but Gresham blocked it and used a bridge for a near fall. Gresham got the Octopus, but Shingo reversed into Last of the Dragon for the pin. A very good match. 


Kanemaru attacked before the bell. Dragon countered. He went for a tope con hilo, but changed his mind and used a handstand to flip off the apron. Kanemaru used a strike, then choked Dragon with a chair. 

Back in the ring, Kanemaru went for Dragon's mask. He tied Dragon to the tree of woe and landed a dropkick. Kanemaru hit a backdrop and used a full crab, but Dragon reached the ropes. Kanemaru used a vertical suplex for a near fall, then sent Dragon back outside. 

Kanemaru hit a snap suplex on the concrete floor in the aisle. Kanemaru shoved a Young Lion in Dragon's way as he tried to get back inside, but Dragon made it in at 18. Dragon hit a dropkick, then a tope con hilo. 

Back inside, Dragon hit a rolling dropkick, then a backbreaker. He hit a one-legged dropkick for a one count, then a dropkick in the corner. He teased a second dropkick in the corner, but Kanemaru cut him off with his own dropkick. 

Dragon hit a snap German, a jumping knee strike, and a DDT. They rolled to the apron, where Kanemaru hit an inverted DDT. Back inside, Kanemaru went for Deep Impact. Dragon caught him coming in with a jumping knee. 

Dragon went for Desnucadora. Kanemaru grabbed Red Shoes, and Taichi jumped in from the commentary table and pulled Red Shoes to the floor. Kanemaru ripped off Dragon's mask. Kanemaru tried to spit whiskey, but Dragon hit a dropkick. 

Shota Umino gave Dragon his mask back. Kanemaru hit a low blow, and a moonsault for a near fall, as Red Shoes was revived. Dragon hit Desnucadora, but could not follow up with a cover. 

They traded roll-ups for near falls. Dragon pulled down a kneepad and hit a running knee strike. He followed with Desnucadora for the pin. Another solid match, but this was one of the weaker shows of the tournament. 


  • Shingo Takagi: 16
  • Taiji Ishimori: 14
  • Dragon Lee: 12 (Out of contention)
  • Marty Scurll: 10 (Out of contention)
  • Jonathan Gresham: 8 (Out of contention)
  • SHO: 8 (Out of contention)
  • Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 4 (Out of contention)
  • Tiger Mask: 4 (Out of contention)
  • Titan: 4 (Out of contention)
  • TAKA Michinoku: 0 (Out of contention)


  • El Phantasmo: 10 (Holds tiebreaker over Eagles, Ospreay)
  • Robbie Eagles: 10 (Holds tiebreaker over Ospreay, Taguchi)
  • Will Ospreay: 10 
  • Ryusuke Taguchi: 10 
  • BUSHI: 8 (Out of contention)
  • YOH: 8 (Out of contention)
  • Bandido: 6 (Out of contention)
  • Rocky Romero: 6 (Out of contention)
  • DOUKI: 2 (Out of contention)
  • Ren Narita: 0 (Out of contention)