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NJPW G1 Climax 29 night 8 results: Naito vs. Ishii, Moxley vs. Shingo

The G1 continued this morning in Hiroshima with B Block action. 

Jon Moxley stands alone atop the block after another convincing win -- this time over Shingo Takagi, while Tetsuya Naito climbed back into the hunt with a win over Tomohiro Ishii in a great main event. 

Here are full results and match recaps:


Yujiro pinned Uemura with Pimp Juice in a formulaic opener. 

Bullet Club worked over Honma, then turned it into a crowd brawl. Ospreay made a comeback, then tagged Uemura. Uemura ran wild, but Yujiro and Owens cut him off. 

After the bell, Fale sent Ospreay into the barricade ahead of their tournament match on Saturday. 


Suzuki-gun worked over EVIL. SANADA came back with a rana on Archer, but Archer cut him off. Suzuki got a tag, and SANADA hit him with a dragon screw. 

The match broke down, and BUSHI and Suzuki were left legal. Archer used the EBD claw on BUSHI and SANADA, then Suzuki hit BUSHI with a Gotch-style piledriver for the pin. 


Tanahashi pinned Narita after a slingblade, but he also gave Narita a ton of offense. Narita hit an overhead belly-to-belly for a great near fall, and he also used a full crab for a long submission tease. 

The interaction between Tanahashi and Ibushi was limited, but Ibushi did land some kicks, while Tana hit a dragon screw. 


KENTA and Okada started off, and KENTA controlled the match. He hit Okada with kicks, then mocked him with a Rainmaker pose. 

Okada made his own comeback against Fredericks. Henare and YOSHI-HASHI exchanged quick tags and went to work on Fredericks. Okada tagged back in and sent KENTA from the apron to the floor with a shoulder tackle. 

KENTA sent Okada into the barricade, while Henare and Connors were left the legal men in the ring. Connors hit a nice dropkick, but Henare came back with a Samoan drop. 

Fredericks and Connors doubled up on YH, but YH made his own comeback, then used a Butterfly Lock on Connors for the submission. This was a good little tag match. 


Yano asked for a handshake, but used it to roll Juice up for a near fall. Yano untied a corner pad, then sent Juice into the exposed buckle. 

They went outside, where Yano tried to tape Juice to the barricade. They did a countout tease, but Juice made it back in at 19. 

Yano got two more near falls off schoolboys and again sent Juice into the exposed buckle. Juice avoided two low blows, then hit Pulp Friction for the pin. 

This was a short, typical Yano G1 match. It was entertaining. 


Goto went after Taichi before the bell, as he continues to show a more aggressive edge. 

They brawled outside, where Taichi posted Goto, then took over. Back inside, Taichi worked over Goto with kicks. Goto went for an ushigoroshi, but Taichi slipped out the back. 

They traded lariats, but Taichi continued to control the match with his kicks. Goto hit an ushigoroshi, but sold the damage to his legs from the kicks, and he could not follow up. 

They exchanged lariats, and Goto hit a spinning lariat for a near fall. They traded a series of short kicks. Goto hit an inverted GTR for a two count. He went for a second GTR, but Taichi blocked it. He teased Shouten Kai, but Taichi slipped out, then sent Goto into the referee, who took a bump. 

Taichi tried to use his mic stand as a weapon, but Goto blocked it. Goto went for a GTR as the ref revived. Taichi pulled the referee into Goto for a distraction, hit a low blow, then used the Gedo Clutch for the pin. 

This was the weakest match of the tournament so far. 


They exchanged forearm shots right away. Moxley scored a knockdown off a tackle, and Shingo rolled outside. Moxley went for a suicide dive, but Shingo caught him, then hit a DVD on the floor. 

Moxley came back immediately, sending Shingo into the barricade, then posting him. Moxley set up a table. Both teased sending the other off the apron through the table, but both blocked. 

Moxley hooked Shingo's leg in the ropes, then nailed it with a dropkick. Moxley used a figure four, but Shingo reached the ropes. Moxley tried for a Death Rider, but Shingo hit a backdrop. 

Shingo hit a pair of corner clotheslines, then hit a vertical suplex. Shingo continued to sell his legs. He went for a sliding lariat, but Moxley caught him, then hit a low dropkick to the legs. Moxley posted Shingo's left leg repeatedly, then used a figure four around the post. 

Moxley hit a clothesline in the corner, and they exchanged German suplexes. They exchanged strikes, then Moxley hit a dragon screw. Moxley used a figure four to cradle Shingo for a near fall, then hit a sliding lariat. He teased a cloverleaf, but Shingo fought it off. 

Moxley tried to send Shingo from corner to corner, but Shingo's leg buckled. Moxley went for the Regal knee, but Shingo hit him with noshigami, a lariat, then a Pumping Bomber for a near fall. 

Shingo fired up at the ten minute call. He went for Last of the Dragon, but his leg buckled. Moxley hit Death Rider, but only got a near fall off of it. 

Shingo blocked a second Death Rider, and they rolled outside. Moxley slammed Shingo's left leg into the table, which didn't break. Moxley wrapped a chair around the left leg, then hit it with another chair. They teased a countout, but Shingo made it back inside. 

As soon as Shingo stepped back inside, Moxley hit the Regal knee. He went for a Death Rider, but Shingo blocked it. Shingo then hit Made in Japan for a near fall. 

Shingo went for Last of the Dragon, but Moxley kicked at the bad knee. Moxley hit another Regal knee to the back for a near fall, then used a cloverleaf for the submission. 

This was good. Shingo did more selling than he has at any point since his NJPW debut, and Moxley did more wrestling than hardcore brawling. 


White did his customary stalling early on. Cobb hit a dropkick, then a huge throw, and White rolled outside. Cobb teased posting White, but Gedo made the save for White. 

Cobb got Gedo in the ring, allowing White to hit a knee to the back. White took over, choking Cobb with the ring skirt, then hitting a neckbreaker off the apron to the floor. 

White continued working over the neck with a chinlock, then a neck tie. Cobb hit a Samoan drop. He tried to kip up, but White pulled him back to the mat by his hair. Cobb hit a belly-to-belly, then a pop-up backdrop. 

Cobb hit a gutwrench suplex, an uppercut, then a vertical suplex. Cobb hit a standing moonsault for a near fall. Cobb went for the Tour of the Islands, but White blocked it, then snapped Cobb's neck over the top rope. White hit a DDT, then a flatliner. 

White hit another flatliner, then a Saito suplex. They traded strikes. White used an eye rake, but Cobb came back with a fallaway slam. Cobb hit an impressive sidewalk slam, then placed White on the top rope. Gedo provided a distraction, and White slipped to the apron. Cobb followed up with a deadlift superplex for a great near fall. 

White blocked a Tour of the Islands with elbow strikes. Cobb pushed White off into the referee, and we had our second ref bump of the night. Gedo jumped in with brass knuckles, but Cobb slammed him. White blocked another Tour of the Islands attempt, then hit a low blow. 

White hit a sleeper suplex. Cobb hit a snap German. Cobb went for Tour of the Islands, but White reversed it into a Blade Runner to get his first win of the tournament. 

The ref bump sucked the life out of the crowd and really hurt an otherwise good match. 


Naito controlled the early-going with strikes. Ishii came back with a powerslam, then landed a series of chops. Ishii hit a headbutt. Naito hammered Ishii's neck with elbows, then hit an inverted atomic drop. Naito hit a one-legged dropkick. 

Naito was really moving well here. He hit a flying headscissors, a dropkick to the back, then a combinacion in the corner. He teased a top rope rana, but Ishii cut him off. He teased a powerbomb out of the corner, but Naito slipped out. 

Naito hit a hard shot to the neck, but Ishii no-sold it. Naito spit at Ishii, who then dropped him with a forearm. Ishii hit a series of chops and strikes in the corner. Ishii hit a back suplex for a near fall. 

Ishii went for a powerbomb, but Naito countered out. Ishii missed a sliding lariat, and Naito hit an enzuigiri. Naito missed a dropkick, and Ishii hit a suplex. Naito hit a tornado DDT, into a double down. This was an awesome sequence. 

Naito hit a neckbreaker off the second rope, then a top rope rana for a near fall. Naito hit a flying forearm, then hit Gloria for a near fall. Naito went for Destino, but had to settle for a suplex after Ishii fought out. 

Naito hit a poison rana. He tried for Destino again, but Ishii fought it off with a lariat. Naito ducked another lariat, then hit an enzuigiri. Ishii placed Naito on the top rope, then hit an uppercut headbutt to the chin. Ishii followed up with a superplex for a two count at the 15-minute call. 

Naito blocked a lariat, but Ishii hit a headbutt. Ishii hit a hard lariat, and Naito took a flip bump. Ishii got a two count. Naito slipped out of a brainbuster. Naito hit Destino, but only got a two count. 

Naito went for another Destino. Ishii blocked it, but Naito hit a suplex. Ishii no-sold it, popped up, then hit a sliding lariat for a two count. 

Naito blocked a brainbuster, then hit a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. 

Naito then hit Destino for the pin. 

An awesome main event. 



  • KENTA 8
  • Kazuchika Okada 8
  • Lance Archer 4
  • EVIL 4
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi 4
  • Kota Ibushi 4
  • Will Ospreay 2
  • SANADA 2
  • Zack Sabre Jr. 2
  • Bad Luck Fale 2


  • Jon Moxley 8
  • Juice Robinson 6
  • Tomohiro Ishii 4
  • Shingo Takagi 4
  • Toru Yano 4
  • Taichi 4
  • Tetsuya Naito 4
  • Jeff Cobb 2
  • Hirooki Goto 2
  • Jay White 2