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NJPW G1 Climax 30 night five results: Ibushi vs. Ishii


G1 Climax 30 made its last stop before arriving in Tokyo with a stacked card from the tournament’s A Block in Kobe.

Report --

Gabriel Kidd defeated Yota Tsuji 

Kidd started the match by taking Tsuji to the mat. Tsuji was able to gain some ground by grappling in retort, but overall Kidd’s mat work left him in the driver’s seat early.

The power of Tsuji was the main means of thwarting Kidd’s advance. A large shoulder block led to an extended showcase of Tsuji offense. Tsuji locked in a single leg Boston crab that forced a desperate rope break from Kidd. The rope break allowed Kidd to regain a semblance of control, but again Tsuji’s strength seemed to be too much.

Kidd managed to withstand the storm and catch Tsuji off guard with a passion-filled sequence punctuated with a double arm suplex. Kidd then pinned Tsuji in the middle of the ring for his first win over Tsuji. 

A fun match that was fundamentally sound. Kidd’s fervor really stood strong at the conclusion. A simple story executed well. 

G1 Climax 30 A Block: Taichi defeated Yujiro Takahashi 

This match started abruptly as Takahashi rammed his cane into Taichi as the opening bell sounded. Takahashi was disarmed but maintained the momentum until Taichi returned the favor with a hammer. Taichi took to assaulting Takahashi on the outside of the ring, driving him into the ring post and choking him with cables. Takahashi returned the favor of an environmental beating. 

Takahashi’s offense inside the ring was short-lived as Taichi gouged for the eyes. A Taichi enzuigiri only cemented his rebound. Taichi kicked Takahashi in the temple before trying for a pin that Takahashi only just kicked out from.

Taichi wasted no time as tried he tried to hoist Takahashi for a slam but Taichi’s hand found its way into the mouth of Takahashi. With Takahashi's teeth pressed into his hand, Taichi again turned to raking the eyes of Takahashi, a cute moment in what had been a trivial match. 

Takahashi won a striking victory and followed up with an Olympic slam. Taichi reset the match with a suplex of his own. Taichi landed a lariat, re-energizing him late in the match.

After Takahashi kicked from the pin that followed Taichi’s breakaway pants were torn from his thighs in one fluid motion. Takahashi hit Miami Shine immediately after Taichi’s theatrics.

Taichi was able to fight free from Pimp Juice and down the referee in the process. A low blow and quick rollup followed leaving Taichi with another win.

This match was what one should expect with these two, nothing special. Some interactions were fun but not enough to carry them to a good match. 

G1 Climax 30 A Block: Minoru Suzuki defeated Jeff Cobb

Suzuki started the match by baiting Cobb to the mat. Cobb was able to hold his own against Suzuki’s ground game but Suzuki eventually forced Cobb into a rope break.

Now that the two were standing, Cobb tried to crush Suzuki with his strength. Suzuki again was able to get the best of the situation. The two spilled to the outside of the ring. Suzuki and Cobb again seemed to be near equals, but even here it was Suzuki who proved to be ahead. 

It was only by a collision of bodies that Cobb was able to pull ahead. Cobb was able to maintain his advantage in a striking exchange and subverted a Gotch piledriver. Cobb used his power to block almost every attempt at a Suzuki comeback. Suzuki’s wherewithal eventually proved to be too much even for Cobb’s power.

A choke attempt from Suzuki seamlessly lead into a successful Gotch piledriver leaving Suzuki with a clean pin. 

This match was fast-paced and well structured. In a test of brains versus brawn, Suzuki’s demanding presence gelled perfectly with Cobb tonight for an outstanding match. 

G1 Climax 30 A Block: Kota Ibushi defeated Tomohiro Ishii

Following an intense staredown, Ibushi and Ishii entered a series of tie-ups. After the collapse of the felling out process, they entered an extended striking sequence. Ishii was unmoving for the sequence and was perpetually standing over Ibushi during any pause.

Ibushi was able to withstand the strikes and ultimately end the first striking session with a rana. It wasn’t long after that the striking continued as if it had never stopped, but this time Ibushi had the edge. 

An Ibushi slam and dropkick that would have dropped any other left Ishii standing. Before the shock of Ishii’s resistance could fully set in Ibushi was hit with a power slam. Ibushi this time refused to fall. The two then entered a test of will where no move could drop either man. 

A tempo-resetting dropkick from Ibushi triggered an open palm brawl. Ibushi was able to drop Ishii for a moment, but Ishii rose with even more striking. 

This awakened the beast in Ibushi.

Ibushi punched the heart of Ishii before nearly kicking his head off. Ishii was then hoisted by Ibushi into a powerbomb which only yielded a two count.

Ishii was not done fighting.

Ishii and Ibushi entered another struggle. This time it was an Ishii headbutt that caused Ibushi to fall. An Ishii lariat resulted in a near fall for the Stone Pitbull, but again Ibushi continued to resist.

Now on his last legs, Ibushi landed an enzuigiri followed by a brainbuster. Ibushi dropped his knee pads and landed a Kamigoye only for Ishii to kick out again.

Ishii and Ibushi traded their final swings at this point. Ishii’s headbutts and knees, in the end, proved to be just short of enough as another Kamigoye left Ibushi the victor.

What a match. These men beat the breaks off of each other. With everything left in the ring, topping this would be a real challenge. 

G1 Climax 30 A Block: Shingo Takagi defeated Will Ospreay 

Ospreay’s speed met Takagi’s power as soon as the bell sounded.

Ospreay and Shingo struggled for any advantage in a fantastic opening arrangement. Ospreay forced Takagi to retreat to the safety of the outside after his speed in combination with his new bulk proved to be too much. Takagi avoided any significant offense before dropping Ospreay with a Fireman's carry takeover on the arena floor. 

Takagi took his lead between the ropes, slowing the pace and overpowering Ospreay. Takagi landed a few elbows and a knee drop before taunting Ospreay. Ospreay responded with the initiation of a chop exchange which he left victorious. Ospreay’s offense picked up temporarily but was cut short by Shingo’s power. Shingo was just as unsuccessful in maintaining long-term sway as an unexpected stunner threw the match back in Ospreay’s direction.

In the first prolonged offensive stint of the match, Ospreay landed a flying forearm and the Sasuke special. Ospreay positioned Takagi in the tree of woe once returning to ring, where he delivered a swift kick to the skull and a picture-perfect coast-to-coast dropkick. A bloody Sunday and moonsault failed to close the match for Ospreay. 

Ospreay tried for a springboard variation but was caught by a ready Takagi. Takagi dropped Ospreay face-first on the mat. Takagi was experiencing offensive success in the match for the first time. A sit-down powerbomb from Ospreay cut Takagi’s hopes short. An Oscutter and near fall seemingly reset the match.

Takagi and Ospreay began trading more and more impressive moves. Ultimately it was Takagi’s Made in Japan that left him ahead.

A pumping bomber almost closed the match for Takagi. Instead of a victory, the move triggered Ospreay’s final efforts. A poison rana from Ospreay and a headbutt from Takagi again reset the match. 

Both men were now left to slug it out. Forearms reigned in prior to a burst of speed. Ospreay landed a one-man Spanish fly, a lariat and a brutal forearm to set up for a finale.

Takagi met Ospreay with a lariat of his own to subdue what would be the match’s end. Takagi then hoisted Ospreay onto his shoulders and dropped him from the second rope. Ospreay kicked out. Takagi landed a lariat. Ospreay kicked out.

Finally, Takagi connected with the Last of the Dragon, pinning Ospreay for the win.  

This pair brings out the best in each other and now a rubber match is necessary. They put on a great match with little room for improvement.

G1 Climax 30 A Block: Jay White defeated Kazuchika Okada

White journeyed to the outside as soon as the match started, as this match was going to be on his terms.

Okada tried for his typical rope pat down but this match was at White’s pace. White actually was the one patting down Okada, which upset him greatly.

Okada took to beating down White, but again, this was under White’s control. Gedo clubbed the back of Okada, gaining his attention long enough for White to regain advantage. 

White began his systematic dissection of Okada’s back at this point, driving Okada back first into any rigid object at his disposal. Okada tried to fight free but his back was proving to be his weak point. Plenty of knees and forearms from White crashed into the spine of Okada. Whenever Okada showed signs of life, his back stopped him. 

Okada eventually landed a facebuster on White and began a slow climb back into this match.

Forearms, a hip attack and a DDT left Okada in control but for some unimaginable reason, Gedo became the center of Okada’s attention. A double DDT, ignoring the previously damaged back, dropped both White and Gedo. 

Once in the ring again Okada’s back failed again. White regained advantage with a DDT of his own and once again the beating of Okada’s back continued.  

Okada was able to catch a methodical White with a neckbreaker, resetting the match. The two traded forearms back and forth before White collapsed. Gedo tried to interfere again but was subverted by Okada. An Okada dropkick attempt was avoided, further punishing the back. 

White tried the Rainmaker but Okada responded with a forearm. An Okada dropkick, piledriver, and Money Clip left Okada in control. Gedo entered the ring and found himself on the receiving end of a dropkick.

Okada locked in the Money Clip again only for Gedo to grab at the leg of the referee. White landed a low blow before grabbing the wrist of Okada. Okada tried again for a desperation Money Clip, but White landed a suplex in retort.

A transition into a Blade Runner allowed White to pin Okada.  


White grabbed a microphone and thanked Okada for celebrating the two year anniversary of White’s and Gedo’s Chaos defection while simultaneously claiming Okada’s glory days are behind him. 

If you still somehow need convincing of White’s brilliance, this match will do it for you. It is everything you should expect in a White showing -- a complete dissection and change of scenery when compared to everything else in New Japan. This was a great match that was only held back by the overuse of Gedo. 


G1 Climax 30 Standings --

A Block

  • Jay White - 6 points (3-0)
  • Taichi - 6 points (3-0)
  • Will Ospreay - 4 points (2-1)
  • Kota Ibushi -4 points (2-1)
  • Minoru Suzuki - 4 points (2-1)
  • Kazuchika Okada - 2 points (1-2)
  • Jeff Cobb - 2 points (1-2)
  • Shingo Takagi - 2 points (1-2)
  • Tomohiro Ishii - 0 points (0-3)
  • Yujiro Takahashi - 0 points (0-3)

B Block

  • Tetsuya Naito -- 4 points (2-0)
  • Juice Robinson -- 4 points (2-0)
  • Toru Yano -- 4 points (2-0)
  • Hirooki Goto -- 2 points (1-1)
  • KENTA -- 2 points (1-1)
  • Zack Sabre Jr. -- 2 points (1-1)
  • EVIL -- 2 points (1-1)
  • YOSHI-HASHI -- 0 points (0-2)
  • SANADA -- 0 points (0-2)
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi -- 0 points (0-2)