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NJPW Lion's Break Collision results: TJP vs. Danny Limelight

The show kicked off with a clip from last week’s episode of Lion’s Break Collision. They aired footage of Karl Fredericks and Jeff Cobb going at it after their tag match.

Kevin Kelly interviewed Jeff Cobb next via video call. Cobb said he didn’t really understand why Fredericks went after him but ultimately said there would be “retribution” for what happened on last week’s episode. This segment had a sporty, believable feel. It works.

Rust Taylor defeated DKC via submission

Solid match. DKC is an abbreviation of “Dylan Kyle Cox.” Rust Taylor has been in the business for sixteen years already, according to commentary. They mentioned later that Taylor was actually hand-picked to be part of the NJPW Dojo by Katsuyori Shibata. Taylor has a jiu-jitsu background as well.

Both wrestlers looked good in this, but it became a Rust Taylor showcase more than anything. The match itself was made up of impressive mat work. Taylor tapped DKC with a painful-looking hold called the Gaia Lock.

In his post-match promo, Taylor mentioned he didn’t care who he had to get through in NJPW, whether it’s Zack Sabre Jr., Okada, or even Katsuyori Shibata. He’d be a perfect match for ZSJ, so here’s hoping that happens sooner or later.

TJP defeated Danny Limelight

Really impressive match. Lots of flashy grappling between these two at the top. TJP is smoother than ever in the ring these days. We learned Danny Limelight was a former sergeant in the Marines. Limelight landed a gnarly quasi-Fosbury Flop over the top to the floor a few minutes in. TJP kept Limelight grounded with a series of non-traditional submissions. Limelight pulled off an impressive springboard flying forearm. He did some crazy rope-walking in this match.

TJP caught Limelight on the top rope and launched him off with a superplex, then floated over and spiked him with a brainbuster. He finished Limelight off with a frog splash for the win. Really good stuff for only ten minutes or so. TJP put Limelight over in his post-match promo and mentioned he would like a rematch.

Final thoughts:

This show is easy to watch. Simple structure, quality production, great action. I look forward to catching the next two episodes.

Next week on Lion's Break Collision: Tom Lawler vs. Alex Coughlin and Misterioso vs. Danny Limelight.