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Logan Paul to appear at WWE WrestleMania 37


It was confirmed on tonight’s SmackDown that social media star Logan Paul will be Sami Zayn’s special guest at WrestleMania.

Paul accepted Zayn’s invitation as he made an appearance on tonight’s SmackDown as a guest for Zayn’s red carpet premiere of his documentary trailer. The trailer aired, showcasing Zayn’s gimmick of being a conspiracy theorist that feels everyone is against him. When Zayn asked for Paul’s thoughts following the end of the trailer, Paul admitted that Zayn did put a lot of effort into the trailer.

Kevin Owens then came to the ring and laid out Zayn with a stunner, telling him to stop with the conspiracies. He brushed against Paul as he exited the ring. Zayn later retaliated backstage, attacking Owens.

It had been reported last month in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Paul would be a part of the Zayn/Owens storyline. Their match will take place on night two of WrestleMania, April 11.

Zayn and Owens have rekindled their feud in recent weeks, with Owens wanting Zayn to stop with the constant conspiracy theories, while Zayn thinks Owens too is part of the conspiracy.