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The Miz wins Money in the Bank briefcase at WWE Hell in a Cell


A new Mr. Money in the Bank was crowned tonight following the breakup of Heavy Machinery.

The Miz gained control of the Money in the Bank contract by defeating Otis at tonight's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. The Miz got the win after Tucker turned against Otis and hit him with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

The Miz and John Morrison were interviewed backstage after tonight's match. Miz said he's putting the WWE Champion and Universal Champion on notice. Miz said they won't know when, how, or where -- but he's going to cash in the contract successfully.

Tucker walked up during the interview and told Miz this isn't about him. Tucker said he and Otis were supposed to be a team, but Tucker was the workhorse and carried the load. Tucker said he did everything for Otis and treated him like a brother, but Tucker was always an afterthought. Tucker said Otis can't function without him. Otis then attacked Tucker until he ran away.

Otis putting the Money in the Bank contract on the line against Miz tonight was announced at the conclusion of a series of "Law & Otis" segments on this past Friday's SmackDown. JBL was the judge for the segments and was initially going to rule in Otis' favor, but he then changed his mind after being bribed by Miz. In storyline, Miz had filed a lawsuit against Otis to try and take the Money in the Bank contract from him.

Tucker was drafted to Raw in the WWE Draft earlier this month. Otis remained on SmackDown. Miz and Morrison were also drafted by Raw.

This is the second time Miz has held the Money in the Bank contract in his career. In 2010, Miz cashed the briefcase in to win his first WWE Championship.