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2 Cold Scorpio on Flash Funk gimick, if he'd do Hall of Fame or Legends House

The following is from a third party.

WWE/WCW/ECW star 2 Cold Scorpio joined The This is Awesome Wrestling Show, hosted by Glenn Moore and Steve Guy this week. He talks about his drug use, the WWE PG era, how the 450 Splash is used today, when he will ever hang it up, and a book coming out in the future.

Interview starts at 23:45 mark.

On the Flash Funk gimmick:

“You know, the thing about it is, I’m 2 Cold Scorpio until the day I die. 2 Cold Scorpio was the name that I built. Flash Funk was a nice gimmick. It was a gimmick that Vince [McMahon] came up with. Just like he said, it would take me two years to get it over. I said I could get it over in a year. Did it in four months. In reality, do I miss putting on the Flash Funk bullshit? Not miss it at all. Not one bit.”

On working as a tag team:

“It was never really something I looked into. It was something I was thrown into. I’ve always been a singles wrestler. As far as partner wise, I would say Vader and me is probably one of the toughest and baddest tag teams out there. What would they say? Big salt and bad pepper. When we come, it’s coming, you know what I mean?

Other than that, I’ve had a few great partners, back in the day, that I thought might have worked out. One of my biggest ones that one that I thought we could have went someplace, which turned out to be just be a big pussy, was Bagwell.

Buff the Stuff…still stuffin’ his stuff, huh?”

On ever working for WWE again and would he like to go in WWE Hall of Fame:

“I’m there. Without a doubt. Hall of Fame? Shit, who don’t want to be in the Hall of Fame? Who doesn’t want to be on a Legends deal? Anybody that’s in this business who ever done anything in this business for themselves or to get other people involved in wrestling because of your skills and talent, I think you deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.”

Would he ever participate in WWE Legends House:

Scorpio: Can we smoke weed?

Host: I don’t think so, I dunno.

Scorpio: Then, hell no I couldn’t be up in there with those folks.

Host: Maybe you and RVD…

Scorpio: Man, RVD, shit, we would have everybody in contact.

Drug use back then:

Scorpio: For the ones who was used to doing it and creating speculator high flying moves and stuff like that, it was the norm.

Host: Was that how the 450 Splash was created?

Scorpio: Believe it or not, show you right. Hey, 420 all day long now. Watch out now!