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Rosemary injured in apparent incident with Sexy Star at Triplemania


There was an incident involving Rosemary (Holly Letkeman) and Sexy Star (Dulce Garcia) at last night's Triplemania show that resulted in Rosemary's elbow popping from an armbar finisher.

The reports are that Garcia put the move on legitimately to end a four-way match for the Reina de Reinas title that also involved Lady Shani and Ayako Hamada.

There have been a lot of wrestlers from GFW who have posted on social media regarding the incident, as well as talent not with the company.

While it is always possible such a thing is a new age work, especially given Vampiro being said to be part of this, from all indications we've been given at this point it was not and there is a huge backlash against Garcia since injuries from moves and accidents are one thing, but something that would appear to be deliberate should not be part of the modern business.