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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Four promotional debuts


Every Wednesday on ROH’s YouTube channel is Women’s Division Wednesday -- designed to showcase the division with past stars, veterans and current stars leading up to the big ROH Women’s Championship Tournament this summer. The series kicked off this past week with four debuts in a tag team match.

Laynie Luck & Hyan vs. Rok-C & Max The Impaler ended in a time limit draw (15:00)

  • Luck made a name for herself in Texas promotions like VIP Wrestling and Metroplex Wrestling. She also currently wrestles for Booker T’s Reality Of Wrestling. 
  • Hyan, currently the Heart of Shimmer Champion also made a name for herself in Texas-based promotions, including Reality Of Wrestling. She’s also wrestled for RISE and has been an extra on WWE Raw before.
  • The 19-year-old Rok-C is another Texas-born and based female wrestler. She’s a former Diamonds Champion for Reality Of Wrestling and has wrestled for Game Changer Wrestling as well. 
  • Max The Impaler has wrestled for RISE, Shimmer, IWA and House Of Hardcore. She’s also done some dark match work for Impact Wrestling. 

Rok-C and Luck started with a tie up. Luck tried to keep her grounded, but Rok-C regained her vertical base and applied a Muta hammerlock. Luck escaped and tried to show off with a few dances, but Rok-C clocked her and sent her back to the mat. Luck got serious at this point and hit a great armdrag that sent Rok-C to her corner, allowing Max to tag in.

Max sent Luck to the mat with one shove, causing Hyan to tag herself in. Hyan reversed a chokeslam attempt and laid in some great knees to the face. 

Rok-C tagged herself back in and dove off the second rope onto Hyan with a great meteora. Rok-C applied a full nelson and Max tagged herself back in. Max attempted to squash Hyan in the corner, but she ducked and dove to tag in Luck. Luck was demolished immediately by Max. 

Max tagged in Rok-C, but then picked her up and used her as a weapon, smacking both Luck and Hyan. Max tagged herself back in, but Luck came in with a flurry of offense, bringing Max to her knees. Luck tagged in Hyan and they tried to double team her, but Max suplexed both of them. 

The bell rang and Bobby Cruise announced a time limit draw as everyone looked genuinely confused.

Final Thoughts: 

I'm really glad ROH has brought back the women's division and it seems like it's going be really good by the talent they showcased in the first edition of Women's Division Wednesday.

All four of these women got to show out, but the one who stood out the most was Rok-C. She's really good at such a young age and I hope ROH both signs her and puts her in the championship tournament. Hyan and Luck had some great moments too, but it's pretty clear that Max The Impaler is the one that ROH likes a lot. She got the most offense in the match by far.

A non-finish was not the right choice here, though. There have been four non-finishes to matches in roughly three weeks of ROH TV which is a terrible direction to be heading in. I understand not letting talent lose, but there should have been a definitive winner in the first women's match back.