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AEW announces 'Blood & Guts' edition of Dynamite for March 25


AEW has announced a special edition of Dynamite that will take place next month.

Tonight it was announced that Dynamite: Blood & Guts will take place on March 25th in Newark, New Jersey. The highlight of the program will be a closed cage match comprising of two rings. The term “WarGames” was never used, though the commercial indicated that "this is war".

The term WarGames is trademarked by WWE. It was reported last year that Cody Rhodes had trademarked the term “The Match Beyond”, which was the tagline previously used to describe the WarGames match. WWE has held a number of WarGames matches under the NXT banner since 2017.

The show’s subtitle, Blood & Guts, likely comes from a term Vince McMahon used during the WWE’s Q2 earnings conference call back in July. McMahon said that while competition is good for everyone, “we’re hoping that they don’t go on with blood and guts and gory things that they have been doing. which would be bad."