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AEW announces console video game, two mobile games


AEW announced three games today: one coming to consoles, and two coming to mobile. The full presentation can be seen below:

The presentation, which appeared on the company’s new AEW Games channel, seemed to be a parody of Apple press conferences. Kenny Omega (and everyone thereafter) appeared wearing a black turtleneck and glasses, similar to Steve Jobs. Omega began the presentation by showing an early trailer of their console game. Omega said the game would be coming to current and next gen consoles.

It was further announced that Yukes would be developing the game, with Hideyuki Iwashita being involved in the project. Iwashita was the director of the Nintendo 64 game WWF No Mercy, as well as the Def Jam series of games.

Aubrey Edwards then came out and introduced the next game, AEW Elite General Manager, a sports management/general manager sim where you run aspects of the AEW promotion. This game is still in development for mobile, and there was no release date announced.

The last game was revealed by Cody Rhodes: a mobile casino game that will come out by the end of the year called AEW Casino: Double or Nothing. You'll be able to compete in tournaments, play against the casino, and create offline tournaments.