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AEW Dark results: Grayson vs. Serpentico, Pillman Jr. vs. Bronson


By Chris Schubert for

Daily’s Place was once again the host for a Tuesday night of wrestling action with a ten match card featuring Best Friends and Lance Archer in action.

Lance Archer (w/ Jake Roberts) defeated Rex Lawless

Roberts sat in on commentary. Lawless certainly tried to get some shots in on Archer, but he was unphased. This was your typical Archer squash: Arrive. Beat people up. Leave. His third straight win came after the Blackout.

Brian Pillman Jr. (w/ Julia Hart) defeated Bear Bronson

The show opened with Alex Marvez interviewing Pillman, discussing both his match against Bronson and his TNT Championship match on next Wednesday's Dynamite against Miro. Pillman looked at tonight’s match against Bronson as a warmup for the champion. This was another short match that ended following the Air Pillman springboard clothesline, but was a fun way to showcase what Pillman can do against a big man and more importantly, what he’ll have to do to dethrone Miro.

Brian Cage defeated Chandler Hopkins

In the previous match, we got the beginning of "AEW Starks" with Ricky Starks joining the team on commentary and he remained for this contest. 

A lot was made of the dissension between Starks and Cage with Starks taking plenty of opportunities to take shots at "The Machine." In the end, Cage made it a little more difficult than it needed to be, but got the win after hitting Weapon X. He then ran off Starks with Taz making sure to remind us all that things are fine with Team Taz.

Diamante defeated Ashley D’Amboise

The fiery Diamante made quick work of D’Ambroise with a nerve hold/bodylock submission finish and proceeded to continue the beatdown post-match.

Colt Cabana (w/ Dark Order) defeated Kit Sackett

This was the AEW Dark singles debut for Sackett...and by the time that sentence was typed out, Cabana’s hand was being raised in victory after the double boots into the Superman pin.

Chuck Taylor (w/ Best Friends) defeated Dan Barry

Taylor matches are always fun and are even more fun when he’s fighting a man in a cutoff Hawaiian shirt who calls himself “Detective." The finish came after a spike piledriver followed by a regular piledriver for the pin and win. Also Taz, I checked: 11759 might not be a real zip code. 

Abadon defeated Ashley Vox

Abadon’s gimmick will never not be scary. Vox looked good selling in a loss, dropping the match after a leg hook DDT.

Griff Garrison (w/ Julia Hart) defeated Marko Stunt

What’s better than one Varsity Blonds match on the show? Two Varsity Blonds match on the show. This was the typical match where the smaller guy tries to use his speed advantage while the bigger guy uses the size advantage with size standing, well, tall. The highlight was Garrison grabbing Stunt’s hat and teasing him with it and saying “Look, I’m Jake Paul.” Garrison picked up the win after a discus elbow strike.

The Bunny (w/ The Blade) defeated Reka Tehaka

A cheap shot from Bunny put Tehaka behind from the get go. This was another good showing from Bunny, who continues to be a focus of AEW programming. She picked up the win after the Down The Rabbit Hole reverse elbow drop. She probably needs to be on the shortlist of future opponents for Britt Baker, DMD. 

Stu Grayson (w/ Dark Order) defeated Serpentico (w/ Luther)

In what was very clearly the best match of the night, Grayson picked up a victory after catching Serpentico in the Knightfall. This was a high flying, hard hitting affair that had ringside antics from Luther and hilarious commentary. Excalibur firmly settled the GIF pronunciation debate, putting himself in the hard-g GIF camp. 

Final Thoughts:

Tonight’s edition of Dark was quick and a very easy watch. The commentary once again was a high point with Taz and Excalibur up to their usual late-night shenanigans. 

No match in particular stood out as can’t miss, but tonight's show excelled at its purpose. Superstars continued to get in-ring reps, others earned victories that kept them near the top of the pecking order when it comes to future matches/feuds/title shots on Dynamite and we got some Dynamite angle progression with Starks and Cage and Pillman’s promo for Miro.