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AEW to hold men's and women's Owen Hart Cup tournaments


AEW will be holding both men's and women's versions of its Owen Hart Cup tournament.

During his appearance on Busted Open Radio on Friday, Tony Khan revealed that, in addition to the men's tournament, there will be a women's Owen Hart Cup. Khan said the when and where regarding the tournaments and where they will be culminating will be announced on tonight's Rampage.

Khan said Dr. Martha Hart has been great to work with, and she'll be presenting the trophies to both winners at the conclusion of the tournaments.

AEW has yet to reveal the participants for either tournament. Khan said both Owen Hart Cups will be singles tournaments.

More information will also be announced on next Wednesday's Holiday Bash edition of Dynamite. A video about the Owen Hart Cup will be airing on that show, with Khan saying that Rocky Romero helped AEW get footage of Owen Hart from NJPW that will be used in the video. The video will tell fans more about the tournaments, the Owen Hart Foundation, and what AEW hopes to accomplish with the tournaments.

This September, it was announced that AEW and the Owen Hart Foundation had entered into a partnership to honor the legacy of the late Owen Hart.

"This collaboration includes launching the annual Owen Hart Cup Tournament within AEW, which will see the winner receive a Cup known as 'The Owen,' as well as the production and distribution of unique and original Owen Hart merchandise, including specified retail goods as well as the upcoming AEW console video game," AEW announced

"This alliance incorporates opportunities to develop Owen Hart action figures via AEW’s partnership with Jazwares, apparel, posters, and additional collectable merchandise."