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AEW's Jake Atlas 'doing pretty good' following February ACL surgery

The 27-year-old sustained the injury in a January match against Adam Cole.

AEW wrestler Jake Atlas says he's "doing pretty good" following February surgery to repair a torn ACL.

He suffered the injury during a match against Adam Cole during the January 5th post-Dynamite taping of Rampage in Newark, New Jersey -- just one day after AEW announced he had signed a deal with the promotion.

Appearing on a Highspots Wrestling Network "Sign It Live" stream, Atlas provided some updates five weeks after going under the knife, saying that he either blew his knee out inward or it caved in, tearing his ACL in the match.

"I didn’t know it that night. I didn’t know until probably a couple days after when I flew home but definitely couldn’t walk. The athletic trainers were taking a look at me and they were kind of hopeful. I was trying to be positive as well, but when the match aired and I saw it for myself, I was like, 'Okay, this is something that may be a little bit off' and then got the MRI done and unfortunately, it was a torn ACL. 

He said the recovery time is estimated at nine months but that he's going to try his best to "make a miracle happen" and come back earlier.