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Matt Hardy says Jeff Hardy is 'so remorseful, so embarrassed' over DUI arrest

Hardy addressed his brother's situation on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.

Matt Hardy has addressed how his brother Jeff is doing following his recent arrest. 

On an episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy released on Friday, Matt spoke about mental health and substance abuse issues. During the discussion, he also commented on some of the challenges his brother has faced. 

"A lot of people know our history and I feel like some of Jeff's issues probably come from our mother dying when he was so, so, so young. I know that was always an issue that he carried with him deeply." 

Matt continued to say that Jeff feels remorseful and embarrassed following his arrest on Monday. 

"After speaking to Jeff the last couple of days, he is just so remorseful, so embarrassed. He, like, hates himself and I think that's part of it too. He has to know, obviously, what he did was atrocious and terrible, terrible decision-making but then also he has to know that people love him. It's very important and just like you said, at the end of the day, it all comes down to the individual. You have to keep yourself in check, you have to be on top of yourself, you are the only person that can really ensure you're not going to go awry or go in a bad direction whether it's because of mental issues or because of addiction issues."

Matt also addressed his reaction to finding out Jeff had been arrested for DUI.

"When I first learned about Jeff's situation, my heart sunk. Hugely overwhelming. You just have to stop and breathe."

Matt will be performing for AAA at Triplemania Tijuana on Saturday. Jeff will not be on the show, however. 

"I'll be going to TripleMania in Tijuana for AAA, I'm pretty excited about that," Matt said. "We're going to have a mystery partner. We will probably announce the mystery partner, in all reality, but I'll be teaming with someone else."

"Jeff right now is focused on life which is much bigger than pro-wrestling. I will be there. I will be honoring my meet and greet session and I'm going to do everything in my ability to make everyone as happy as possible and give them the best fan experience that they can possibly have." 

"As far as what I'm doing going forward, I'm sure I will be doing something in some capacity on AEW. I'm going to change it up a little bit, tweak things a little bit, and try to make some magic happen."