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AEW & NXT ratings both down from last week, AEW wins week two


By Paul Fontaine and Dave Meltzer

Going up against the end of Major League Baseball's NLDS, AEW Dynamite dropped 28 percent in total viewers and 32 percent in the 18-49 demo last night, averaging 1,018,000 viewers on TNT and a 0.46 rating in that key demo.

Last night's truTV simulcast of Dynamite drew 122,000 viewers, so live/same-night DVR viewership was a smaller drop-off overall.

NXT was down a similar 32 percent in the 18-49 demo but down just 11 percent overall, coming in with 790,000 viewers.

AEW beat NXT in every demo except for people over 50, where NXT had a 0.50 rating as opposed to AEW's 0.40.

Baseball dominated the night in the cable ratings with the Cardinals and Braves averaging 3.325 million viewers in the early game and the Dodgers and Nationals doing 5.856 million viewers.

AEW finished eighth for the night in the 18-49 demo, while NXT dropped all the way to 27th. AEW did not rank in the top 25 on cable in terms of total viewers.

The strongest demo for AEW was males 18-49, where they scored a 0.66 rating, fifth for the night on cable.

These are the market numbers that we have for last night's Dynamite and the show's replay:

  • Chicago 0.9 -- down 10 percent live, even for the replay (0.6)
  • Dallas 0.5 -- down 44 percent live, even for the replay (0.1)
  • DC 0.4 -- down 43 percent live, down 50 percent for the replay (0.1)
  • Houston 0.9 -- Even from last week, down 25 percent for the replay (0.3)
  • Atlanta 0.9 -- down 10 percent live, up 100 percent for the replay (0.4)
  • Detroit 1.1 -- down 21 percent live, down 63 percent for the replay (0.3)
  • Minneapolis 0.7 -- down 13 percent live, up 100 percent for the replay (0.4)
  • Charlotte 2.4 -- up 20 percent live, down 13 percent for the replay (0.7)

A positive is that most markets grew from the start of the show overall, with many peaking in the final segment. Last week started at a peak and fell. The second quarter with the end of the Young Bucks match and the Inner Circle/Jericho interview peaked in a number of markets as well.

Minneapolis wasn't strong, but tripled its viewership from the first quarter to the last quarter.

Charlotte peaked with a 2.8 quarter from 9-9:15 p.m.