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AEW's Paige VanZant says WWE wanted her to sign an exclusive deal

PVZ talked about her decision-making process in signing with AEW.

Paige VanZant said Wednesday that WWE wanted to sign her to an exclusive contract when they have previous discussions.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, VanZant said she was confident she would end up in either AEW or WWE at some point. 

"I knew my career was going to take me to the WWE or to AEW. I was watching both of them...huge fan of both," she said. "The first AEW show I went to, though, the feeling, the audience, the crowd, everything about it, I just knew I belonged and it was something I knew I'd be really good at." 

VanZant also noted that she had discussions with WWE about possibly signing with them. 

"I went down to their training center about a year ago. I did have some things in the works, but AEW kind of said what they needed to say. They had all the right words to get me to come over to the AEW." 

When asked what led to her choosing AEW over WWE, she said that being able to continue fighting was a key factor. 

"There was just different contract details and styles," she said. "[AEW] is working hand-in-hand with BKFC and letting me be a professional fighter still. I still get to be myself. It's not an exclusive, full-time, wrestling contract." 

When asked if WWE's offer required her to be exclusive to them, she responded, "Exactly." 

She also confirmed that she has one fight left on her BKFC contract.