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AEW reveals new details for Fight Forever video game

Evil Uno and Colt Cabana were in Germany for Gamescom.

Evil Uno and Colt Cabana have revealed new details about AEW: Fight Forever. 

They were on-hand at Gamescom in Germany on Wednesday and went live on Twitch with new footage of the game. 

In-game footage of Kenny Omega vs. Adam Cole with Aubrey Edwards officiating was shown. Uno discussed the game's controls and noted that they are similar to past wrestling games with strike, grapple, strong strike, and strong grapple options. Blocking and reversals are performed by using the left and right bumper buttons. A momentum bar is shown at the bottom of the screen and players are able to use signature moves when it's filled. 

Other notes from the stream:

  • A "deep career mode" was confirmed. Players will go "on the road" with AEW in this mode and select a manager as well. 
  • The controls were described as "easy to learn but hard to master."
  • Kick-outs and escaping submissions are done through button-mashing as opposed to mini-games. 
  • There are 40 different weapons that are useable in the game. Characters can grab them from under the ring. 
  • The rating of the game is 16+ and blood will be included. 
  • "In the future sometime," "soonish" and "stay tuned" were all responses given to questions about when the game will be released. 
  • Mixed-gender matches are possible. Wrestlers can also be placed in matches against themselves. CPU vs CPU matches will also be possible.
  • Online play was referred to as "a big part" of the game. 
  • You can modify most things including entrances, ring attire, and arenas. 
  • Original music by Max Caster is featured in the game.