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AEW Trios Championship belts have been made

Trios championships are likely coming to AEW.

AEW is preparing to introduce trios titles into the promotion.   

Championship belts have already been created and their introduction is said to be "just a matter of time." Our own Dave Meltzer addressed the issue in Friday's edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.  

“Trios title belts have been made so now it’s just a matter of when they pull the trigger," Meltzer wrote. "Tony Khan was asked about making trios titles and gave the indication a few months ago what it was happening, but that they didn’t want to do the tournament until Kenny Omega was back.” 

Khan addressed the issue during a media call to promote All Out last September. The AEW President noted that he will have more interest in a trios division after Kenny Omega has returned. 

"We have a lot of great trios here," Khan said. "I am very interested in it. I will be 100% honest with you, this is the most blunt answer I could give, I am much more receptive to doing it when Kenny Omega is back."