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AEW wrestlers expected to take part in Wrestle Kingdom 17

There are plans for AEW talent to perform in the Tokyo Dome.

Wrestlers from AEW are expected to take part in Wrestle Kingdom next year. 

Our own Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that plans are in place for AEW talent to be featured on the show. 

"I don't know how many but I have, in fact, been told of certain plans for AEW wrestlers on Wrestle Kingdom," Meltzer said on the show. 

The first night of Wrestle Kingdom 17 will likely be scheduled for January 4, 2023. The date falls on a Wednesday next year when AEW normally runs live episodes of Dynamite. Meltzer does not believe the promotion will pre-tape its shows that week, however. 

"I have no idea that they are going to tape two weeks ahead, I'm going to guess that they won't, I think they are going to go live but there are plans for certain AEW guys to be at the Tokyo Dome show, yes."