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AEW's Andrade El Idolo says he was set to face Will Ospreay at Forbidden Door

Andrade revealed the information in an interview with Hugo Savinovich.

AEW's Andrade El Idolo says he was supposed to face Will Ospreay at Forbidden Door, but the match was changed for political reasons.

Appearing on Hugo Savinovich's Lucha Libre Online interview show, Andrade said that he was set to fly to Japan to shoot the angle for the match with Ospreay, but that plans changed. Credit to LuchaBlog for the translation: 

The change is a result of  the complicated political situation involving NJPW's alliance with CMLL, as AEW has a working relationship with Mexico's AAA promotion. Andrade worked one match for AAA in 2021, and one match so far this year, last appearing at Triplemania in Monterrey on April 30. 

In the interview with Savinovich, Andrade also expressed frustration with AAA, as he says that they have not booked him as they said they would, leading to a situation where he cannot work for NJPW due to the NJPW-CMLL relationship. Andrade says that he was scheduled for this weekend's AAA Triplemania show, then that booking was canceled. 

Andrade's full interview with Savinovich can be seen below.