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AEW's Chris Jericho working on Painmaker graphic novel, aims to make movie

Chris Jericho first debuted his Painmaker gimmick in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Chris Jericho is working on a graphic novel based on his Painmaker gimmick and he hopes to eventually turn the project into a movie. 

Jericho appeared on "Howie Mandel Does Stuff" recently and spoke about his future plans for the character. 

"I have this character that I play called the Painmaker and I invented the character when I was wrestling in Japan because I wanted something a little bit more violent, like what would a serial killer look like if he was a pro wrestler," Jericho said. 

"The character is really cool and I thought, okay, I have seen so many Spider-Man, Batman, Superman movies, how many more characters are there any these universes? They're just making the same ones over and over again. Somebody somehow is going to have to create a new superhero, so, that's where the Painmaker came in." 

"The idea is to make it into a movie at some point. That's my overall goal," Jericho continued. 

"We're just writing and illustrating the graphic novel now. So, the idea is that the Painmaker is an intergalactic former serial killer. He's changed his life and he's not a serial killer anymore but now he travels the galaxy hunting down other serial killers in different galaxies, different planets, so you could have like a giant scorpion serial killer, whatever. But the flaw is that he still has to kill innocent people from time to time because it's just in his DNA. So, he's a flawed character."

"What if the Painmaker falls in love and then can't help himself enough to kill the one he loves? Who knows? The possibilities are endless." 

Jericho is working with the NFT company Semkhor on the project.