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AEW's CM Punk 'relieved' that Vince McMahon did not buy ROH

Punk said that he is happy that his ROH footage "is in good hands."

CM Punk says that he is "relieved" that Tony Khan bought ROH and its video library, and that Vince McMahon did not.

Speaking at the post-Revolution press conference, Punk was frank that he did not want Vince McMahon to own the footage of his ROH career. 

"I was relieved," Punk said. "Let's be honest. Either Tony was gonna but it, or Vince [McMahon] was gonna by it. And I don't want Vince to own my footage. He owns enough of it and I don't get paid off it."

Punk said that when he left WWE in 2014, a source of strife between him and the company was his asking questions about how he and others were going to be paid once WWE Network launched. 

"I've watched my royalty checks, which I still get, dwindle to nothing, because they just put everything on the network. And the boys don't get paid. That's not just me, that's everybody. That's criminal," said Punk. 

"I loved ROH so much, and I can't explain how happy that I am that my footage, it's in good hands," Punk said. "It's just good to know it's in the hands of somebody who will treat it well. I literally feel like my baby is in someone's hands who will raise the child the right way and do good things with it. And it won't get made into just some tab on a sh*tty, confusing app that's hard to navigate and the boys don't get paid anything off it."

As to his run with AEW, Punk said that he is glad to have a second chance in his wrestling career. 

"I didn't get to do this for seven years. This didn't exist for seven years. Obviously, the truth is that i love professional wrestling very much," Punk said. "So to come back and to be able to, for six months, it's not just do whatever the f*ck you want, it's doing whatever the f*ck you want and being cocky enough to know that your way is, not the right way, there's never only one right way, but to have somebody who listens to you, and can take an idea and make it even better, and just to have an open dialogue."

Punk also said that he is grateful to have a chance to write the end to his career that Bret Hart never had the opportunity to. 

"I love Bret Hart. Bret Hart's career got cut short. And it's a godd*mn tragedy. And there's people who go over to Saudi Arabia and get paid millions of dollars, and it should've been Bret," said Punk.

"And I'm just super grateful that I got a second chance. And I'd give it up in a heartbeat to give it to Bret."

"He's the greatest. And he was right. Bret Hart was right. Bret Hart is always right," Punk said.