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AEW's Dax Harwood says FTR have considered taking a year off 'TV wrestling'

Harwood says he's under the impression his AEW contract ends in April 2023.

Dax Harwood says FTR has considered taking a year off from wrestling on television. 

Harwood spoke to Fightful recently and noted that he believes FTR's AEW contracts expire next April. He also said he has loyalty to both WWE's Paul "Triple H" Levesque and AEW's Tony Khan. 

"Hunter took a chance on us in 2015 and he put the tag belts on a relatively unknown, relatively unproven tag team and he let us run with it, and then he gave us American Alpha, and he gave us Enzo & Cass, and he gave us DIY, and he gave us that platform," Harwood said. "Then we went to the main roster and things happened. When we were ready to go, Tony Khan picked us up. So, I have loyalty to both of these guys for what they have done for me and done for my family."

"Cash and I have talked, our deals come up at the end of April, I would have to talk to my lawyer, Mike Dockins, but I think that's right, the end of April. And we've even thought about, 'What if we took a year off TV wrestling?'"

"Take a year off TV wrestling, maybe, and do things that excite us. We've been able to do that quite a bit this year starting with the Rock N Roll Express match," Harwood continued. 

"If we do take a year off of TV wrestling, I don't think you'll not see us, you might not see us mainstream but it would be so Cash and I can, one, rest our bodies, and two, we can do things that make us happy and bring joy to us."

As noted in Wednesday's Daily Update, Harwood also spoke about CM Punk during the interview. 

"A man who obviously has his detractors and sometimes the detractors, and not just in AEW – around the wrestling world, and sometimes the detractors are louder than him and get their news out more than him. But again, it all comes from a place of passion. When he first came into the company, I remember talking to Cash (Wheeler) and I said, ‘if this motherf—er comes in and if he says something to me about how I dress, dress code or whatever, we’re going to have a problem’ and he came in, and he was the complete opposite. He had his door always open, invited people in, watched matches of the young wrestlers that asked him to, stuck around until the end of the show and anybody that had questions, he would answer the questions. He loves wrestling. Just like me, unabashedly is a professional wrestling fan. Just like Sasha (Banks), I talk to him every day and whatever he decides to do, I hope it brings him happiness and joy because he deserves it."