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AEW's Tony Khan sees 'interesting' talent in recent WWE releases


AEW president, CEO and GM Tony Khan says that he sees "interesting" talent among the releases WWE made this past week. 

In an interview with Wade Keller of Pro Wrestling Torch, Khan was asked directly if he had any interest in any of the talent cut by WWE. 

"Do any WWE cutbacks [Thursday] night intrigue you?" Keller asked. 

Before directly answering, Khan addressed the situation of mass releases in WWE being a regular occurrence. 

"Yeah. You know, every time they cut like 20 people let's just say, I mean, it's terrible. Every time someone loses their job it's affecting them, it's affecting people around them. For all I know, with some of these people, maybe they wanted to leave, but I think in general most of these people probably did not, so it's terrible when anybody loses their work and I feel for them," Khan said. "Each and every one counts."

"I'm gonna take a ballpark number, and I'm not trying to make light of everything because everyone counts, and I know this is probably not the exact amount of people, but every time they let, let's say, as a ballpark, 20 people go, I think there's been, in general, one, two, three people in there or so, that I am interested in and snatch up, because they keep doing it, these mass layoffs and let, let's say, 20 people go more or less," Khan said. 

Khan then spoke about the possibility of adding to AEW's roster from the pool of talent just released. 

"And each time, I find a few people and the company gets a little stronger and stronger, in my opinion. And I do see a few in this wave. I don't want to say who or when I would be interested in them, but I do think there's a few very interesting people they just let go."

"And same goes with the last wave and the wave before that and the wave before that, and the wave before that," said Khan.

"So, each time they let, say, 20 people go, there's a few interesting ones for AEW and this was no exception to that."