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Alan Angels issues statement on departure from AEW

The Dark Order member's contract expired on June 30.
Alan Angels

Alan Angels has posted a statement regarding his departure from AEW. 

The 24-year-old confirmed that his contract with the company expires at the end of June. He also noted that he considers this to be just the beginning of his pro wrestling career. 

Angels' statement reads as follows:

"As of June 30th my AEW contract has expired.

I am nothing but grateful for the two years I spent there. I love AEW. It was/is the best place ever to work. I got to wrestle some of the best wrestlers in the world on a weekly basis, as well as travel to some of the most amazing cities and meet some of the best fans in the world. There are no hard feelings between myself and AEW or Tony Khan. 

I had a great time in AEW and would have loved to have stayed, but I am extremely excited for my future in pro wrestling. I am 24 and I look at this as my wrestling career just beginning. Now I get to show everyone how good I really am. I'm going to grind harder than I ever have before. I'm going to make as many towns as I can, meet as many fans as I can and wrestle as much as I can until I am considered one of the best going today. Thank you all for all the support and kind words and I hope you all will continue to follow my journey. 

A's in the chat!"