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Alan Angels: My 2020 AEW Kenny Omega match was originally given four minutes

The Dark Order member recently commented on the match that led to him signing with AEW.

Alan "5" Angels recently revealed that his 2020 match with Kenny Omega was originally only supposed to be four minutes long. 

The match was held during AEW’s April 2020 Dynamite tapings at the Nightmare Factory in Norcross, Georgia. While the match led to Angels being signed, it was polarizing with some criticism on the length given the names of those involved.

Angels recently commented on the match during an appearance on the Missing the Marks podcast. 

"It was actually only like six minutes and 30 seconds or something like that. The funny thing is we were actually slated for four (minutes), which is kind of the crazy part because we went way over, but if anybody can go over, it's him," Angels said.

He continued to say that as they were mapping the match out, he started to believe it would go over their allotted time. 

"I met up with him and we started talking about the match and I think originally it sounded like we had planned a four minute match but then he kept adding stuff that he wanted to do and I was like, 'I don't think this is going to be four minutes.'" 

"Once we planned it all, we went out there and we just did it and it went about six minutes and 30 seconds. Everybody says, 'Oh, he went ten minutes with Alan Angels,' it was only six minutes, guys, come on." 

Angels continued to praise Omega and commented on how the match has impacted his career. 

"He was super giving that day," Angels continued. "I have four people in mind that I really owe my career to and he's definitely on the list." 

"A lot of negativity towards that match but a lot of positive stuff too. I definitely got more bookings out of that and I got a job out of it, so I'm not mad about it."