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Arn Anderson reveals he battled COVID-19


Arn Anderson revealed on his podcast that he had tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies after becoming ill for ten days.

During this week’s episode of the ARN podcast, Anderson said that he got really sick for ten days during an off period in AEW’s taping schedule. He said he had tested negative several times for COVID-19 before feeling the symptoms.

“I was [in bed] for probably a week,” he said. “I couldn’t drink anything. Couldn’t eat anything. I was hallucinating. I was looking at my ceiling and I saw ice forming on the ceiling. So, I had one day there for a minute where I couldn’t catch my breath and it was a lot of things I never experienced in my life. It scared me to death. So what I want to do is reiterate to everybody out there, guys, that this thing is bad. It’s really bad and it varies from person to person.”

Anderson noted that at the most recent taping prior to recording the podcast, he had tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies despite never testing positive for COVID-19. He urged people to wear masks and adhere to social distancing.

“So all I’m asking is let’s do some common sense things,” Anderson said. “Go the extra mile, for those of us that can do it, do something nice for a stranger. Do something nice for a family member. Do something nice for a friend and let’s get this thing knocked out.”

Anderson currently works for AEW as Cody Rhodes’ on-screen personal advisor, accompanying him to ringside for matches.