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Bobby Fish issues ‘invitation’ to AEW’s CM Punk for a fight

Fish commented on the issues between Punk and the Elite on his podcast.

Bobby Fish has issued an "invitation" to CM Punk for a fight. 

Fish addressed the confrontation between CM Punk and the Elite backstage at AEW All Out during an episode of The Undisputed podcast released on Tuesday. 

"Let's just make this a formal invitation to Phil," Fish said. "I'm down, if that's the direction he wants to go and I mean, he can pick the time, the place, we can do it in Chicago."

Fish was then asked to clarify if he was challenging CM Punk to a fight. 

"I mean that would be kind of fun, right? It can be boxing, it could be kickboxing, it can be MMA. I mean, we can do this bare-knuckled, whatever sounds good to Phil. He can pick the weight, he can pick the place, like I said, whatever he wants to do but yeah, let's make it official." 

Fish also revealed that he had pitched for AEW to allow him to do a kickboxing fight while he was under contract to the promotion. 

"Since May, I have tried to get Tony Khan to sit down with me, no less than five times, to ask permission to do a kickboxing fight. It was actually something that I talked with other people in the company about but I could never nail Tony down. In Tony's defense, he's a busy man, especially on TV days. It is what it is but I wanted permission to do a fight and I couldn't get there with Tony. Now, it's no secret I don't need anyone's permission at this point, so yeah, let's make this s**t official, Phil."

"Phil, let's f***ing go! I think that's how someone else would say it," Fish continued. "CM Punk, Bobby Fish, let's fight, why not?" 

Fish also spent some time on the podcast speaking about his relationship with The Young Bucks.

"I love those guys, I love them. They are good people, they got kids, they got wives, they are God-fearing good human beings."

He also clarified that he's not challenging Punk to a fight, he's issuing an invitation. 

"It's not even a challenge, dude, it's an invitation. It's an invitation because at the end of the day, like, who am I? I'm nobody." 

Fish also addressed Ace Steel allegedly having thrown a chair at Nick Jackson and bitten Kenny Omega. 

"I know Ace and that's surprising to hear," Fish said.