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Bryan Danielson leg trap incident at AEW Rampage taping believed to be a work

What many thought was a legit injury for Danielson appears to not be real.

This story was updated on Thursday morning.

Note: This story features spoilers for Friday’s AEW Rampage.

Bryan Danielson managed to walk to the back on his own power after trapping his leg in the entrance ramp toward the end of Wednesday's AEW Rampage tapings.

However, the incident appears to be a work after fans initially thought it was real.

The end of the tapings in Houston, Texas, saw members of the Blackpool Combat Club brawl with members of the Jericho Appreciation Society. During the brawl, Danielson’s leg became stuck between the ring and the rampway. Those in attendance said that Danielson’s leg was trapped “for over 10 minutes."

On Wednesday's post-Dynamite Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez said he was "strongly given the impression it was all a work from start to finish. I think he just came up with a wacky idea and thought it would be funny."

"I was told by someone there that they actually laughed about it. One way or another, I think we can tell you that he's not seriously injured and the whole thing was a work," he said.

Another video showed Danielson's leg being freed with Danielson refusing help and walking to the back on his own.

Rampage featured a main event where Danielson & Jon Moxley faced the team of Dante Martin & Matt Sydal. Members of the Jericho Appreciation Society ran in after the match with Danielson trapping his leg during the brawl.