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Bryan Danielson: WWE wrestlers should have 90-day notice clause


AEW's Bryan Danielson spoke publicly for the first time on the recent WWE releases in addition to discussing his own contract with AEW -- one he said will likely be his last.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, Danielson said he believes that if WWE can release wrestlers with a 90-day clause, wrestlers should also be able to give a 90-day notice.

"One of the things I have always had a hard time with, and I’ve been fired from WWE twice so I kind of get this, is that it's one thing if somebody does something bad. But, for example, if you’re under contract with WWE and you’re not happy, or you’re not happy with the company, or whatever it is, if they can fire you and give you 90 days, you should be able to give them 90 days to be released from your contract. I just think that that’s fair".

Danielson said he doesn't think it's right that WWE is releasing talent and claiming they are due to budget cuts when they are more profitable than ever.

"They signed a lot of people to high-end contracts when AEW kind of started to keep people from going to AEW or whatever it is. But then they realized that AEW can’t sign all these people. So now, the people who have too many high-end contracts....if they feel like they’re getting paid more than they should be getting paid, then they’ll let them go. But you offered them a contract to be with you for three years or whatever. If you overpaid them, that’s your bad. And, you’re still a very profitable company," he explained.

Danielson said he is under a three-year deal with AEW, confirming he is able to work in Japan as long as he gets clearance from AEW and that the company is his top priority in terms of dates. Chris Jericho is the only other wrestler to compete in Japan while under an AEW contract, primarily due to the pandemic restricting overseas travel. 

Previously, Danielson called the next three years the "climax" of his in-ring career.