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Chris Jericho out of hospital following non-COVID health issue


Chris Jericho is out of the hospital following a non-COVID related health issue.

On Twitter this morning, Jericho posted a picture of himself out of the hospital, writing “Back on the streets”. He had been in the hospital since Thursday evening.

"I'm feeling good!” Jericho wrote to Dave Meltzer following the announcement of his hospitalization. “They just wanted to observe me overnight and I'm in the right place. Not COVID related."

Jericho’s band Fozzy were set to perform Friday in Swansea, Wales when the promoter of the concert announced that Jericho had checked into a hospital with what was described as “a non-COVID related treatable health issue”. The band later canceled Saturday’s show in Nottingham. Jericho posted a video saying that the show scheduled for London on Sunday would go on, but said he would not sing due to doctor's advice and instead would hold a Fozzy fan fest.

Jericho has been on the road in the United Kingdom with Fozzy in the last week. He was attacked recently on AEW television by 2point0 and Daniel Garcia as a way to explain his absence while touring.