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Chris Jericho responds to Triple H’s AEW comments: ‘NXT sucks’

Jericho spoke with Inside the Ropes on Friday.

Chris Jericho has responded to Paul "Triple H" Levesque's recent comments about the "Wednesday Night War." 

During an interview with BT Sport's Ariel Helwani released on Friday, Levesque was asked if he felt NXT's re-brand to NXT 2.0 was punishment for having lost the ratings battle with AEW. 

"No. People put so much pressure on this...this "competitive war" never was that. First of all, they beat our developmental system, good for them. No, it was never that. There was never even pressure of 'you have to beat that.' It was just put on the best product you could."

Jericho has since responded to Levesque's comments in an interview with Inside the Ropes

“Once again it is just changing the narrative and changing the history, which makes me laugh. Because when it started, it was not developmental, it was a third brand, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and all the other bullsh*t that they said, so of course we [AEW] beat the developmental or whatever you want to call it, but who gives a sh*t?"

"It’s such old news, and the show sucks, NXT sucks, it’s not a good show, and they know it. Whether they were punished or not, they probably were punished. That’s probably why Triple H said those things because he is angry that we beat them, and he is probably angry that we exist. But you know, we don’t care about WWE, we care about our show, we care about putting on the best stories that we can put on, we care about building our fanbase and building our ratings.”

“We will continue to exist and I will tell you this, my boss has a lot more money than his boss does. A lot more. So you want to go to that and, we are not going anywhere, we will continue to grow. That p*sses them off and why wouldn’t it? They had a monopoly for so long and don’t like the fact that we exist and that’s fine. We don’t care that they exist, God bless them. They are running a show in front of 50,000 people, why would he care about us? But you know, he should, and he does, and that’s why he said those things.”