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Chris Jericho vs. MJF announced for AEW Full Gear


Chris Jericho and MJF will go at it one-on-one at November's AEW Full Gear with a stipulation.

The match was set up during Wednesday's town hall meeting between members of the Inner Circle and MJF to determine if the latter could join the group. Both men answered questions from a number of AEW personalities. Eric Bischoff made an appearance, asking MJF what he would bring to the Inner Circle and vice versa.

After Bischoff’s questions, Jericho brought up that MJF has never beaten him. He said that he would give MJF a shot at Full Gear and if he defeats Jericho, MJF would be able to join the Inner Circle.

MJF said he would do anything to win and then reiterated that claim as he and Jericho had a staredown. Ortiz broke it up, saying that he and Sammy Guevara are onto MJF, challenged he and Wardlow to a tag team match next week.