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CM Punk update: Injury rehab going well, impact of Colt Cabana AEW return

Punk suffered a torn triceps at AEW All Out.

Colt Cabana's return has "only made things worse" regarding the relationship between CM Punk and AEW.

Cabana wrestled Chris Jericho on the November 2 Dynamite in his first appearance for AEW (not including ROH shows or Fight Forever promotions) since early March. His return furthered speculation that his absence was due to Punk's influence within the company. 

Our own Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Cabana's return has driven a further wedge between Punk and AEW. 

"Colt Cabana wrestling Chris Jericho only made things worse as far as issues with the two sides. Punk remains adamant he had nothing to do with Cabana being gone," Meltzer wrote. "A lot of talent in AEW believes and insists differently and it’s openly talk about."

It was also noted that Cabana's return was a Tony Khan decision and not a suggestion from someone else.  

Punk is currently rehabbing the torn triceps he suffered at AEW All Out. Meltzer reported that his recovery is going "really well." Regarding his contractual status, he is still under contract to AEW and his merchandise has been sold at recent live events. It was reported last month that the two sides were negotiating a buyout of his deal but there are no updates regarding the status of those discussions. 

Meltzer also addressed the possibility of Punk signing with WWE should he no longer be under contract to AEW. 

"We’ve asked about the potential for Punk here, and it appears from a creative team standpoint it’s not positive because most of them follow what happened in AEW," Meltzer wrote. "However, they also recognize this is going to be a Levesque/McMahon/Nick Khan call and even with some negative things said and interactions, if you are just talking business, it is something bigger than anything else they could create."