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Cody Rhodes vs. Anthony Ogogo set for AEW Double or Nothing


Cody Rhodes will face Anthony Ogogo at the AEW Double or Nothing PPV on Sunday, May 30. 

Rhodes made the announcement in a promo on tonight's Dynamite. 

Rhodes and his Nightmare Family faction have been engaged in a storyline with QT Marshall's The Factory stable, of which Ogogo is a member. Rhodes will have Arn Anderson in his corner on May 30, while Ogogo will be seconded by The Factory. 

Rhodes defeated Marshall on last week's Dynamite, but Ogogo hit Rhodes with a bolo punch after the match. 

In announcing the match with Ogogo, Rhodes delivered a promo where he discussed the history of the United States.

He stated that despite it not being fashionable to be patriotic, he has always been proud to be an American. Rhodes said that Atlanta was segregated before 1961, but in 2021, his wife will give birth to a daughter with a multiracial background in the same city. 

Rhodes invoked Bruno Sammartino and Shad Khan without mentioning either directly, citing them as examples of immigrants to the United States who made their mark on the country. 

Rhodes then said that for one night only, at Double or Nothing, he will assume the mantle of "The American Dream," the nickname of the legendary Dusty Rhodes, a name that he said only he and his brother Dustin have any right to claim.